Dating in the Philippines: Finding a Mate

I was quite shocked when I saw a video by singer David DiMuzio. He claims it is so hard to find a mate in the Philippines, and also claims poor ladies (lower class) are not good for dating.

He talks about the 3 classes of women in the Philippines, and is complaining that the lower class women, that are selling their looks – for example “Guest Relations Officer” or GRO ladies are not good mates etc.

What do you guys think?

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1 comment to Dating in the Philippines: Finding a Mate

  • Tim

    Anybody that thinks that GRO’s are a good choice for a relationship has some serious problems. Would you chose a prostitute as a potential girlfriend or wife? That does not mean that girls from low income families are not suitable partners I would say that is completely wrong. My expirience has been low income group girls especially from provincial regions are a very good choice. Girls from the “Provinces” usually have good old fashioned values about monogamy and are extremely loyal and caring and make great partners. But always remember that you are not just marring a woman but also her whole family, and ground rules about money need to be established early in your relationship. You need to make it clear that you care about her family but you will not be a meal ticket for them. A good partner will quickly understand this and will quickly start to say no to her relatives petty cash requests and solve this problem for you.

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