Filipino Guy vs. Western Guy

Who is the best? … Take your time to decide and first enjoy reading about both side.pinoy versus white guy

Modern Filipino men:

Modern Filipino Men now have a more holistic view on beauty and know that to look good naturally is not enough. They have to work at looking good and feeling good. Filipino men are not so difficult to turn on to beauty products because they have always been into good hygiene. We would rather not talk to other men about beauty and grooming products and are more comfortable talking about their routine with women.

During courtship and dating:

Filipino men are always sweet and gentle specially during courtship and dating. It is his best weapon to a woman from being sweet and making sure that a girl feels being protected every time he was there. Giving flowers and presents are good idea and it really works. Filipino men are also best in telling sweet words even when he mean it or not and even when it’s possible or not. For example, “I will go and bring you the moon” or in a possible thing “you are so beautiful” woman will just say “haha you are funny” but deep inside she’s automatically turned on. I am a Filipino female and I used sweet words like that before to a guy and nothing’s happened. Do you think it’s unfair? I’m just being real here anyway but Yes, I think it’s unfair.

In a relationship:

There’s always have a BIG difference between courtship and what we call in a relationship. We are talking about modern Filipino guys here so I need to be honest, if a girl is being asked with the question “will you be my girlfriend?” and woman will say “yes” well its really obvious that the guy is happy and feel lucky, it’s like his the happiest man in the world. But he would still be the happiest and luckiest man if the woman starts drama?

It cannot be denied that we, filipina women are sensitive and demanding that sometimes Filipino men cannot handle. So, this may cause into a Filipino men to find another one who he thinks much better this turns into cheating. Filipino guys are also good in this, I mean in cheating, I don’t want to offend anybody but I am just trying to say what is real and true. I will tell you a story.

In my  college days, I have a boarding house (apartment) near my school. My housemates are studying AB psychology so they seems like none ordinary thinkers like me (smile) it is all girls house but the boyfriends of my housemates are coming to visit sometimes. I have a closest girlfriend in the house and we get along all the time, laugh session, cooking session, cleaning session and eating sessions, in short we are very close friends. She has a boyfriend and his visiting her every day in the house, so since we are roommates I am also talking to this guy (of course with her).

Now we are living In a different city but I still have contact with my college roommate through phone and facebook. One day while working in the computer this boyfriend of her saying hi to me in facebook chat, even I don’t reply his keep on sending chat messages that’s saying he had a crush on me since we are in college. Take note: they are still together with my friend. See? They’re been together for many years and then his still looking for something? This is what I don’t understand about Filipino men also. Why do they asking for more when their partners are giving the whole world to them. I’m pretty sure many Filipina woman will agree to this.

Filipino husband:

It is funny to see a guy that is washing clothes of his child and wife, cooking every meal, cleaning the house, gardening, and feeding all the kids he has. Funny but I saw many husbands doing these here in the Philippines which I cannot see it in a western guy. I am living in an apartment now here in manila and most of my neighbors are couple. So each time I go down to cook or do something I always see these Filipino men sitting down with the big mountain of dirty clothes, sometimes I saw them cooking food for the family when it is suppose to be the wives job. For filipino woman this is a good sign of being a good husband and good father, for taking care of the family not only financially but also in household jobs. But Filipino men’s thinking are hard to predict. Yes they are doing everything in the house but you will see them keeping the cellphones on their pocket when wives around and texting or calling somebody else when the wives are not there. This is a mortal sin right? 90% cause of separation and having a broken family is “mistress and cheating”.

Now let’s talk about western guys. I currently have a relationship with a western guy and its different relationship from my past Filipino relationship.  Let me explain this with a question.

Why do Western guys like Asian girls?

  • Asian girls seem to be more feminine on average. They like being a bit girly and a lot of men like these. Asian guys like it too.
  • Asian girls are thinner and have better skin on average. Facts are facts. Looks are very important to men and a well dressed and healthy Asian girl with beautiful black hair and smooth skin is hard to resist for many guys.
  • Cook daily meals.
  • Very family oriented.
  • Enjoy their housework.
  • Take good care of her children.
  • Hardworking and enjoy working.
  • Rarely go out with the guys after married.

Western guys are looking for this attitudes, true love and happiness that seems hard to find in white girls. They are logging to be cared and loved which is Asian girl could give. They are also sweet and loves surprises, and when they say something they really mean it and you will know that is true. They are a good provider and making sure that his family and children are well educated and a good citizen, providing all the needs and taking all the responsibilities for his kids and being a sweet loving husband.

But why do western countries are the toppers of divorced cases? Divorce as a phenomenon has been on the rise for sometime now. This is true all over the world. Apart from the usual toppers such as the USA, Sweden, Holland, UK and other West European nations, For the past decade, the overall American divorce rate has remained stable, at around 50% for first marriages. The statistics are become more depressing for each successive marriage, with 65% of second marriages ending in divorce and even higher rates for third marriages and beyond. Divorce rate statistics show that 3.6 to 5% of marriages are ending every year, cumulating in a large portion of adults who have personally experienced divorce at some point in their lives.

Do you think if all of western guys will marry a Asian girls then the number of divorced cases in western countries will decrease? Uuummm maybe! (smile).

So what do you think now? Filipino men who can wash clothes, cook,  take all the house holds for you but cheating, or a western guy who cannot wash clothes, cook, and take all the households but giving you all every honest and faithful bones he has in his body?

Please leave a comment and vote who do you think is the best…

signing off,


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11 comments to Filipino Guy vs. Western Guy

  • – Mmmm pan de sal. This bread will forever remnid me of the dark little Filipino store of my childhood, where we’d get live crabs, shrimp flavored chips, and lots and lots of pan de sal. Good for you for making it on your own! I, on the other hand, have not yet graduated to kneading recipes, but I’ll bookmark this one for when the day finally arrives. As a side note, have you ever had Filipino mocha cake? I remember my mom bringing it home when I was younger, and I never knew it was a Filipino thing until just recently. I’ve been searching for a recipe

  • Mc

    No offense but I think this is very true, because the mentality is men are okay to womanize but the women is forbidden to cheat. Dont get me wrong, my dad is the most responsible man I know- never did he cheat of my mom, atleast as far a I know. Husbands who cheat can also blame their wives, maybe she’s nagging too much, technicallly cuts off his manhood, or is such a crybaby that the husband cant take it all. But you know for me, even if its like that- adultery is never an option. Instead of womanizing, why wouldn’t some of these men work their relationship out? No offense again but, as what I define manhood is not how many chicks he conquered but how he deals with women, and how he manages to take care and protect that woman from all insecurities or cheating. That for me, is the only thing I dislike in our culture. I’m not picky with men but I would choose the loyal guy the most, because loyalty would be one of the things that would make me feel secure as a woman and in return, be the best woman for him. 🙂

  • HiHustler

    Very good article…I 100% agree on it. Even my little research shows that Pinoys are the main cause of family destruction, not the Pinays. I am proud of having filipina..she really has given me a reason to live & strength to succeed in my career!
    Thanks for the post!

  • joseph

    I have met several Filipina ladies, one of which I have fallen deeply in love with,and plan to marry. We have had a relationship for over a year now and I have been there on occasion to visit her and to meet all of her family and spend time with them, this is my opinion at least from what I have observed; Filipina ladies seem put a much higher value on the marriage and the family than women here in the west, they take great pride in the way that they treat their man, and it is articulated in every aspect that I have seen, it is like nothing that I have experienced from women here in the west where it is not uncommon for the women to be regularly spoiled and self-centered, it seems the men here have created and fed the monster that eventually devours them.

    I think for the most part Filipina wives would go to any length to keep their marriage together and their man happy, the self sacrifice of these women seem to inspire their western husbands to put her and her needs way above that of his with great willingness to do so. I think that all she would ever want from him is to be there to provide for her, to be supportive of her and her family, and to never hurt her.

    I think they have maintained these strong cultural values from a time long ago when it was more like this in the rest of the world. I guess it is the last bastion of unspoiled devotion and unselfish caring for one’s mate that makes Filipino women, in my opinion, the most desirable wives in the world.

    • Nice to hear about your success.

      I have to agree with you that Filipinas make excellent wives or girlfriends. Just make sure not to bring them back to the Western world. They will become Westernized within 2 years and things will change to the negative…

  • Ms. Valerie….u r so selfish…why did u blog this? Because of this our relationship with my foreign partner ruined…..would you pls. Just p.m. For those who interested….do u think this blog is really helpful? U just can’t judge anyone…that’s why filipino called “crab mentality” because one of those like u…intead na i build-up mo kaba2yan mo sinisiraan mo pa….ganyan din ba ang tingin m sa tatay mo?

  • valerie

    I agree with you Tim, but not all Asian woman are all the same. Just must be more careful, Asian woman today are more aggressive and smart to use western guys for their own success.

  • Tim

    Actually, I live in Canada, and I think more men here do housework and cooking than the women do, in my opinion, but then again, most of my friends are good people. I agree that western guys like asian women simply because they still know how to be a lady and stand by and encourage their men to become better than they are. Western women usually tear their guys down and if they don’t please them in every little way possible. My brother’s wife is Pilipino, and because of her encouragement and gentleness, he was inspired to get a better career and make better choices. She gave him the confidence to succeed. His first wife just treated him like a slave and destroyed his self esteem.

    Unfortunately, it seems both genders here view relationships as disposeable and toss them aside when it is no longer working for them. The good guys love an asian girl, because they have stronger values and actually stand by their man even when things get tough. That is a refreshing quality! Plus the women are very attractive! That’s a nice bonus.

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