Finding Miss and Mr. Right

Valerie Yes, we all want to be loved in return when we give love, but what if this person you are expecting to give you what you want is really has nothing to give? We expect so much love and get disappointed in the end; we don’t experience the love that we are expecting, and this is the reason why many marriages are broken, “EXPECTATIONS and DISAPPOINTMENTS.”

Instead of looking people who can give you love, why not ask yourself first if you are really ready give? How can you give love if you feel empty within? How can you give love to the other person if all you want is being loved? Why not ask yourself, “Am I ready to give?” or “Am I good enough for my partner?” then you will start thinking of giving, instead of only receiving. It is receiving when both of you are sharing love, receiving happiness from one another.

Are you still looking for love? Let love finds you when you already found yourself; it is always starts in you before somebody else, you can only give love when you learn how to love yourself, and then share it to the one who is also willing to give.

How will I know if my partner is the right one for me?

If this person just wants what they want and doesn’t care about what you want, they are not the right one for you. A relationship is giving; love is giving and not greedy. It is important that both of you is growing. People knows what love is, we just sometimes don’t know how to use it in a right way.

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