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I had a story of a friend that she has been dating a German guy 2 years ago. She said this guy was so kind and gentle at first, they have been dating for 2 to 3 weeks until this guy is starting to open up a story about his ex-girlfriend. So what do you think a girl’s response for this?

As a girl, I am not really sure what would be my reaction for that, but expect that there are many things that are playing on my mind. And those things are all negatives. Let me ask you another question, what do guys thinking when he is talking about his ex-girlfriend?

That is probably the answer for my first question. “You are not over her.” yes that’s right!

You guys are not really over her when you keep on telling a story or talking about your ex-girlfriends. That’s exactly what girls thinking when you do that. Is that really true? But either it is true or not the girls thinking is still the same. She will think that you are not serious and you are only using her to make yourself busy.  True or not you should avoid talking about ex-girlfriend’s and the same with girls never start to tell a story about ex-boyfriend’s.

Unless if the girl that you are dating asks about it first. I think that’s reasonable.  When she ask something about your ex-girlfriend, then tell her the short story about her and don’t be nasty, if you sound like nasty to your ex-girlfriend the girl you are dating might think that you will do the same thing to her and it may happened to her  in the future. That would be a minus point.

Another thing is, if you “compare or comparing “your ex-girlfriend to your date, that is worst! Never ever do that. So what will you do to make your date perfect?

I always suggest being yourself and making her comfortable with your company. Even when she go on a million date, she will remember you and this will lead her to have a date exclusively with you.

I hope this will help you and please leave a comment.

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3 comments to Girlfriend VS. Ex-girlfriend

  • walter

    Good idea Valerie…But let me just say that if when I go to Asia, I could meet a girl as beautiful as you, I will be the happiest man in the world…

    What country would I find girls that look like you?

    Also, since I am american of latin decent I prefer girls that have an attractive “tail”
    For example many of the chinese girls (we don’t have to many other types of asians in the USA)are kind of flat in the back; so what other asian girls are more “voluptios” in the tail?

    Please, I welcome comments from everyone.

    As you can see I am conpletely new to the south east asia scene and I seek info to learn as much as I can before I get there and to make decisions as to where I will go first…

  • magic

    Hello valarie,

    from a gal point of view,i agree with what u say. but, from a man point of view, i would doubt that he is comparing current and ex gf. it seems to me that he must be expericing a nightmare from his ex.

    so what he is telling your friend is he does not want to expect your friend to have the same attitutes, mentality, behavior or the traits that his ex possesed. i might be wrong but it is just my two worth of analysis.

    most humans can never ever overcome their past relationship. one way or another, there is a flashback. but it does mean that it’s a comparison, regrats and still in love. but, simply it just happen to human. lol…

    don get mad if my analysis does not go your way. have a nice day and be happy to ourselves always. sharing thoughts will open up the world.

  • Valerie


    You looks nice & happy to hear from you.

    Best Regards

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