How to Win a Filipina Heart?

Filipina girls are known as a kind, sweet and soft hearted woman. Aside from that, Filipina girls are also a caring and loving mom. These are the reasons why some or most of the foreigners love and choose Filipina girls to be with and to share with.

But how can you get the Filipinas heart? —  These are the keys:


Why being honest is first on the list? Many Filipina girls today believes that only few guys left that are honest and faithful. So for Filipina girls “truth hurts but lies are worst.”

Next is sense of responsibility. “responsible or responsibility”  make sure for doing things that you are suppose to do. Or better to say “mission accomplish.”

Filipina girls thinking for a brighter future, it is very true. But some guys think that they were only being loved by Filipina because of money, but they are actually wrong. Filipinas are only thinking for the near future, not only for herself but also for her own family.

Making a girl laugh is a plus points! Funny guys can turn on girls. For Filipina girls, sense of humor is on the list. With a guy that can quickly spot jokes and fun to be with, you’ll get her attention for sure, until she will get home.

Valerie relaxing at home on the sofa.

Valerie relaxing at home on the sofa.

Well I guess every woman is dreaming about being treated like a princess, something that makes a girl feel comfortable and secure. Filipina that is very affectionate and sweet. They appreciate every big or small thing.

For example: you are going out and decided to eat and she ordered burger but she order it without pickles, tomato and onion, (remember every small details about her.) for the next time you are dating you knew what is her favorite so you would order it yourself and ask the waiter for 1 burger without pickles, tomato and onion for her.
The girl will be very touch and appreciate that you remember these very small detail about her. She will think that you are really interested. Again, Filipina wants to be “comfortable and secure.” So be a Gentleman.

You are asking what I mean about “real man but soft.” This means TOUGH, STRONG and GOOD man. Treats his woman with respect, makes her feel wanted and loved and most of all, Does not make her cry.

I am excited to write on something about Filipina and answer all of your questions. I really suppose that is all I have for now.

Signing off,


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24 comments to How to Win a Filipina Heart?

  • Hey, I’m a quiet,but fun guy with fantacies that need ffliullled. Very curious yet shy at the same time, I am married and have never done anything like this before, although I have thought about it many times. I am generous and looking for something regular and discreet, but no strins attached

  • cortie allen

    I’m from st vincent and the grenadines and its in the caribbean,,and I can testify that fillipino girls are the best because I have a fillipino girl friend,,and she loves me for me and she’s very interesting…

    I’m honest,,I’m gentle and I respect her and takes care of her needs,,etc etc…I love her like if she’s the onlyest woman inside the world..

    I won’t ever cheat she’s my soul mate

  • Rw0483

    Help please. I am in so Korea, I have met and fell in love with a beautiful Filipina woman. This is the problem, She has been in So. Korea for only 4 months and she is under a work contract for two years. She started out working in a Korean bar as a singer and a girl to entertain guests at the bar. She tells me that the customers were not allowed to buy them out for sex. Now she has been transferred to a bar in Okpo dong. Here she does not sing but has entertain ex pats and they can buy her out of the club. She is very un happy with this prospect. She as of yet has not gone out with no one but me. The owner of the bar has taken all the girls passports to keep them from running away. I am willing to pay her contract off, (which is very expensive). She tells me she loves me and gets very excited every time she see’s me. We have spent a lot of time together at $400.00 dollars a pop. But she still has to entertain these other men when I’m not there. How can I tell if she is sincere or if she is just a good hustler. I know I was very stupid for falling for a girl from one of these bars. But my heart is breaking every time I have to leave her there.

    • Rw0483 I feel you describe your situation accuratelyin the last sentence.
      How can you get out of this mess?…  Simple, do not send any more money.  This will tell her you are not willing to be exploited further, and it will also let her figure out what is more important:  “Real Love, or Money”?
      Good luck.  And, feel free to ask other questions.
      -Dr. Smile

  • srodz

    Thanks for the quick response you just proved to me that the research I have down I this is all true a very big THANK YOU to you. I will be falling more site maybe some day ill find a nice Asian women and let all of you what happen..

  • srodz

    Hello Valerie nice to meet you, came across your site and realy like what I am reading. Have a question I have been speaking with this women from Ghana Africa and she always is asking me buy her something I fell for it at first but now I feel like she is scamming me so I have stopped buying thing for a while now . Wondering if you have heard of anything going on with things like this coming out of Ghana because I feel that its a scam..I would love to meet an Asian women never thought that they would be into me buow that I am reading this articles I feel like I might..

    • srodzValerie is no longer working for this web site.
      However, I know you should drop any communications for people from Ghana.  They are 99% percent scammers.  They even use fake photos and fake pre-recorded videos when you talk to them on web-cam.   Ghana is famous for love scams.

  • Valerie,

    I have been on and off with a filipina for about 5 years. We have worked on graphic projects together so i know her quite well. She is now back in Cebu Philippines and I am back in the Silicon Valley, USA. We are now a couple again yet I am at a loss at what to get her for christmas. I was thinking of a diamond tennis bracelet, but am open to suggestions. Any ideas on what I could give her would be welcome. She is a wonderful lady, and i do see a long future with her. Her family approves of me and likes me, if that makes a difference. I have even sent her sexy bras and underware that her mother accidentally opened! Luckily she understood and laughed about it!! So now you have an understanding of my relationship with her family. Does that help with the gift suggestions?

  • Dear Mr. Ronald, Filipina girls are friendly and approachable. You can meet filipina girls anytime, anywhere you want, as long as you are not being rude. Show respect and let her know that you are trustworthy. But what is more important is, just be yourself! if you want to meet filipina or asian girls online you can sign up here in if you haven’t or like us on facebook just type

  • Roland

    How can I meet a Filipina girl that can date a Filipna guy like me, that doesn’t know Tagalog?

  • dear Micheal Lorms, good to hear that you guys are happy with your Filipina partners. I am sure that your friends are jealous now when you have sweet and caring Filipina. for your friends, I highly recommend “” for finding asian partners, lets see if something clicks. And I’d like to know, what do you like most about filipina woman? hope to hear from you soon!

  • I totally agree with this post and John! Filipina woman are attractive and understanding, I’m with my gf for about 3 years now and I couldn’t be happier.

  • dear Mr Wjohn, I am happy that you say so. I can see that you are enjoying your life with your filipina partner, sounds you have a good life with her. since you say that “filipina is the best partner in life” I’d like to know what are the things you like most about filipinas?

  • matt

    very well done blog…hope to see more of this in future… :

  • wjohn

    hmmm…filipina is the best partner in life…hahaha

  • dear mr. Voltaire, Im glad that you learn something about my simple blog. since I am a Filipina, I will give my heart to tell you everything about us. so now, what is you biggest question about Filipinas?

  • mr chuck

    ok maam..hope we will learn more on your articles…

  • Voltaire

    Very insightful article….all us guys can learn so much about Filipinas from these blogs

  • thanks mr. chuck, I have new topics to be followed and I hope you will like it too. Godbless!

  • mr chuck

    but is it true that first love never dies?hope we can learn more about you maam..tnx..

    • It depends if this love is real or its just a puppy love mr. chuck, there is a big difference between the two. If your first love is real and true, the memories will remain even time pass by, until you are sitting on you rocking chair.

  • mr chuck have the point..

  • Samuel

    Excellent blog. God bless the blogger.

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