How Do You Know Your Online Girlfriend is Real?

There are many ways to tell that relationship with a girl from Asia may be true.
But, how do you know your girlfriend is real … and is not just a gold digger? … or that the relationship with your online girl is true?

Here are a few things that can  indicate if she is a scam. – Real girls that you meet normally have these character points … and she is probably honest.

Real Thai Girl in Thailand that I met…

  • The girl is available on a timely basis, i.e. every day at a specific time.
  • She do not ask for gold, money or gifts, even though you know she goes to the internet shop and pay a small amount of money to rent a computer to chat online.
  • She enjoys to show her face on a web cam without games or excuses as “too far to travel internet shop”.  “All the web cams are busy now,”  “My family does not allow me to travel at night to the internet cafe,”  “it is not safe to go to internet cafe”, “this part of town has many bad guys”, etc.
  • She says she is looking forward to meeting you in real life.

On the negative i.e. she may be a fake:

  • The girl asks directly or hints she needs money for cell phone, or web cam purchase.
  • The girl does not want to show her face on a webcam, even after requesting that she go to the local internet shop for 15 minutes. It costs only 25 cents per hour to go to an internet shop in most places in Asia, and is located on almost every street corner, even in the most remote locations.
  • She uses dirty or sexual language.
  • She speaks / thinks like a man – which means “she” is probably a transvestite (lady-boy).  Phrases to look for the typical male phrases like: “you want to hook-up?”, “Show me your ….” etc.
Some dating sites, require members to be verified with a web cam before allowed into a chat room. — Be smart and choose wisely!
-The Asian Dating Doctor
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