How do you know that your Asian girlfriend truly loves you



Is there times that you are getting paranoid thinking if you’re girlfriend really loves you or not? It’s just a waste of time. There are many ways to know if your girlfriend truly loves you, now I will give you the best signs to know if she truly loves you.

She cares a lot. It’s always a good feeling when somebody cares a lot about you especially when it came from your love one. If she cares a lot and always keeping in touch, like how are you?  What are you doing and where are you. Some guy’s thinks that these questions are too over protective and annoying sometimes but this only proves that she only thinks about you. She is happy when you’re happy, and she will make you happy when you are sad.

She knows exactly what makes you smile. Woman has a strong instinct about their man, she can say if you are okay or not or having problems even you’ll try to hide it. When you had a bad day she knows how to control your temper and trying to make you smile a little bit until your mood changes into a big smile 🙂

She remembers. She always remembers and never forgets all about special occasions like your birthday and anniversaries. Even the smallest good and funny thing you’ve done before it is being stored to her memories. And she is trying to remind it to you every now and then. This is because she wanted to make your relationship remain sweet and fresh just like your first date.

She is affectionate. She is giving you a big hug and a big kiss even you are not asking. She likes to hold your hand while walking on the street and proud that you are her boyfriend. She’s staring at you a bit and after a few seconds she’ll smile.

She talks to you about things that she never talks about with anybody else. She is sharing things that she only wants to say it to the one she trusts. Like her secrets. Or she had a great day and something happened to her that she only wants to share it to you first.

She is trying to please you. Cook food for you, breakfast, lunch and dinner. And preparing everything you need. Like reminding you that you are having meeting tomorrow or you need to go for exercise today. Or she will recommend doing something that makes you and her get closer. Playing games, karaoke, watch movie or go out for dinner. Asians are more affectionate and sweet so they are trying to check on things to make your relationship working good.

She enjoys being with you. Having a vacation or Even you are just staying at home, doing nothing and not talking, she still energetic and seems having a great time with you. As long as she can see you and she sees what you are doing she feel relax and comfortable.

She is afraid of losing you. She is jealous when you are talking or chatting with other girls and she is demanding on your time. She wants to know what did you do for the whole day and what else are your plans. She wants to know everything and understands everything about you.

Every day I LOVE YOU. She doesn’t skip a day without saying the magic word “I love you” to you.

There are some guys that they never appreciate what their girlfriends doing just to show their love to them. They don’t know the effort and time that the girls doing to make their boyfriends happy and satisfied. But still, many guys out there that giving honor and appreciation to their girlfriends which I feel so lucky also. I am Asian and my boyfriend is such a nice guy. He is taking care of me and I am sure that whatever happens I always have his support to make all my dreams come true 🙂

happy thoughts, spread the love!!!

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6 comments to How do you know that your Asian girlfriend truly loves you

  • I have a question, If my online Asian girlfriend, lets me know all that she is doing, even with all busy transactions, to the exact amount of money she may a busy transaction. and travel over 6140 miles to see me. What does this mean, she really likes and loves me.

    • There is no easy answer to if your girlfriend really loves you or not. I would not look at one thing, but overall feeling in your gut.

      For example, does she smile when you walk into the room with her? Does she proudly post your photos on facebook, or does she not talk about you to her friends? Does she text you and call you every day? Does she keep her appointments with you, and call if late – etc?

      There are many signals to look at, but just follow your gut instincts.

      -Dr. Love

  • NGS


    How come Louie rates an answer and I don’t? Do you not believe me in my post?


  • hi louie! Thanks for sharing your thoughts… I’m glad that you like my article. send my regards to your girlfriend and I hope both of you will attract more love so you will find the true happiness.. and do you have something to suggest about my article? so I could use it and get some ideas to share?

  • NGS


    This maybe and old post (I found it in my spam e-mail folder) But I wanted to say I think Asian girls (Particularly Filipino’s) make the best wives and girl friends in the world. I read a lot about them (their weaknesses for money) and some of course try to take and easy way out, but you would expect that from a poor girl in a crowed country like the Philppines. I met her friends and workmates and they all seem just like her.

    I married this sweet Filipina 3 years ago (I’ve known her for 7) and you have nailed it when you say you know when she loves you! She does all you say (and more) there is nothing that girl will not do to please her man! She is no fool either (Most think they are subservient) but they have this wonderful way about them, they are not pushy career woman or so materialistic as to become obnoxious. In her eyes she does NOT want to be a man nor be in completion with them. She wants a peaceful happy (as possible in this world) relationship. I never knew woman like her existed! This is the way God wanted it to be!

    All the signs are there and although we are 15 years apart (No I didn’t find her on the internet and NO she is not 18) age does not matter to her. She is as cute as a button fun and smart! She is from the province of Negros Occidental (Thus not spoiled like Manila girls) She has tradition values that are so refreshing compared to North American Girls. (NO I’m not an American)! She is the type of woman you want to come home to everyday of your life! What a sweetheart! I know this girls Loves me and I will do all I can to keep it that way!

    I do not regret marrying her!


  • louie

    Thanks much for the information that you have shared on this page. All of these are true! and you did write almost all of the signs. I myself experienced all of that. “everyday I LOVE YOU” is my favorite. Val, you are good in this field and im a big fan of yours. You have a better future ahead. Keep “KINDNESS” always in your heart, and it will attract more KINDNESS, Keep LOVING and it will attract more LOVE, be happy and we know it will attract more happiness.. Keep focusing on your priorities and soon you will reap what you have sow. I know that boyfriend of yours whoever he is will LOVE you and will LOVE you more even at your worse.. keep believing..
    Val,anyway… you know how to send thoughts??? thoughts when send into universe have same principles with SMS on your cellphone.. there are delays in SMS but sending your thoughts in the universe don’t missed and it will work everytime, and everywhere without exemption it will reach to its destination. Try send this message to someone “keep happiness always on your heart”.. and i am sending that too on my girlfriend.. 🙂

    Take good care of yourself…Godspeed…. May all of the riches, health, and love be on you…


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