The True Filipina

What does The True Filipina means? foreign countries heard only “Filipino” word which means people of the Philippines. So here it is. Filipino if a guy, and Filipina if a girl. Easy! Now we will talk about the true Filipina. Is there any fake Filipina? The answer is yes if there is a western woman trying to act like a Filipina and calling her a Filipina, of course that’s fake because she is a western woman.


True Filipina is shy. She is not showing or telling her true feelings to a guy that she truly admires. She is waiting until the guy will reveal his true feeling to her first. But even the guy had confessed his feelings she remains shy and very careful of her actions. She is making sure that the guy is TRUE, REAL and has CLEAN INTENSIONS. To make sure:

  1. The guy must visit the Filipinas house also to win her family’s heart.
  2. The guy must be gentle and respectful to Filipinas family as if you are also courting her whole family.
  3. The guy must show his sincerity and good intensions. How? By being REAL and TRUE.
  4. When visiting the Filipinas house. Bring something to make her day lovely. Like flowers. Flowers are always perfect!
  5. When dating her somewhere else. Ask permission to her parents personally so the family could trust you.

These 5 List above is not yet enough. Since you are slowly winning her heart, she is now also asking for more. I mean, she is starting to ask more about you to see the real you.

True Filipina is hard to get. You cannot win Filipinas heart that easy, you need to show or do everything just for her. Even she already feels the same. Her true feelings are like her top secret and will not tell you until she was satisfied and you proved to her that you are sincere.

True Filipina Understands. In short, Filipina accepts reasons. Whatever happened or whatever your reasons is, you are forgiven as long as it is acceptable. Filipina believes that everyone deserves second chance. A Filipina understands NOT everything but trying to.

True Filipina is well mannered. She is someone who is very fine and sweet. Someone who is not flirts and goes on a date with several men. She admires and adores only one man. She doesn’t act like a crazy girl or too obvious for showing her admiration to a guy. Filipina is also making sure that she is looking good and wearing decent dress.

True Filipina is religious. Filipinas are being trained to be pray full and God fearing, believes and praying to God for more blessings and asking guidance for more happiness and prosperous living.

True Filipina is a family oriented. When it comes to a family, Filipinos are very close and has a strong bond with the family. Each one of the family member is helping one another. Filipina also believes that no one in this world can understand or could help her but only her family. Her family is her wind beneath her wings.

True Filipina is respectful. She always give respect to the elders and younger. “If you want to be respect, also respect others.” She give respect to her husband or even just a boyfriend.

Filipinas are always been nice and sweet, even her day wasn’t perfect. You will see her smiling despite of her bad day. It is true that some of Filipina today was very different from Filipina maiden yesterday. Some are more aggressive and liberal girls like western girls, they already adopt the culture of foreign countries and forget about the culture of being a true Filipina. But also, there are some Filipina maiden left somewhere here in the Philippines which I believe you can find it in provinces. They are living away from the city life and away from what is the real happening in this new generation.

I will be very happy if you leave your comments or share a short story about the Filipinas.

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4 comments to The True Filipina

  • don wright

    I very much like what U have to say, My Lady is very much like this. However she is a orphan, and I believe she is very much alone in her prov, and has not much family ties. She is very respectful, and really has taken to me, for my respect for her, she has said that most of her other reply s have been rude in comparison to me. I am very glad that we have found each other. Thanks for your blog, I am completely shur now.

  • NGS


    I just left a comment on the other post, but I as I said there, I have a Filipina wife! And she is as you say above! I think (because of their Western leanings) Filipina’s are so easy to get along with and sweet as sugar! She is the “Real Deal” she is not a scammer before I married her I met all her family and all her friends.

    I just Love her sweet ways (always fun) always caring (and singing LOL) and oh so yummy! She has that wonderful Filipina quality of cute (and sexy) at the same time! I love how she takes care of herself! Always dressing smartly keeping her sweet figure in tact! This girl is a knock-out in jeans (Even though she is an older woman she looks great)! but she so unassuming, she doesn’t think she is anything special, and if I think she is, then that is all that matters to her! For a guy you can’t get much better than this! I am so proud to have her on my arm in public! This girl is the personification of what Filipino woman are famous for! Loyalty, Honesty, and Beauty!

    What a little Sweetheart! She is the type of woman you can’t wait to come home to everyday! She keeps you wanting her more and more! In this day and age with all the temptations out there, that is no small feat!

    God save the Philippines and their wonderful women!


  • That is very true,Scammers are everywhere and true love is hard to find online or personal. I must agree to meet the person you are chatting with a web cam immediately so you’ll know who you really talking with.

  • Great article. Very good information to keep handy when chatting with people online.

    It is also REALLY important to meet online with a web cam as soon as possible. There are so many scammers out there, and also some people try to add copies of magazine photos of models in their profiles, so it is much better to met quickly with a web cam – to see who they really are…

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