A Few Things You Should Know about Cebuanas.com

Here is my honest and hard-earned conclusion about the Cebuanas.com dating web site – spending many hours every day for a whole month.  I regret to say it is not all positive, but I hope my comments will saves you some time in education and money.

  • The Cebuanas support staff claim of more than 350,000 members is GROSSLY overestimated – maybe by a factor of 10!  If you do a “broad” search from the home page on Cebuanas for all registered age 18-30 girls in the last 12 months, you get something like 14,482 members i.e. about 1200 registrations per month.  — In contrast meetAsianBabe.com has more than 5,000 registrations per month and growing.
  • If you do a search on Cebuanas.com for girls at least 5’4″ tall you get 1916 total members.  So with some simple math, you realize that 83% of the Filipinas are less than 5’4″ tall – at least on Cebunas.com.  It sucks to meet short girls (5’4″ or less), since I prefer my girlfriends to be at least shoulder height to my own self.  I am 6’2″ tall, and that leaves me with 1916 girls to consider.  Of course there will be some high quality women out of  1900 girls, but a large percentage of the girls will not be a good match for many other reasons.

    This girl's face is used in several fake profiles, including HotOrNot.com and Cebuanas.com

    This girl’s face is used in several fake profiles, including HotOrNot.com and Cebuanas.com

  • The amount of “web cam models” on Cebuanas is very high – perhaps 25%.  Out of the most attractive girls I talked to, I would say 1 out of 4 girls are posting fake profiles or working as agents/promoters to get love-sick Western guys to pay money to see nude Filipinas on web cam.  Some guys think this is fun, but I find it repulsive and boring.  Someone told me nude dancing on web cams is illegal in the Philippines, and that the police will close down any agency that they can find doing this.
  • I complained to support at Cebuanas.com about all the professional web cam models, but I am not sure they know what to do about these fake members, promoting sex services.  I stopped complaining to the staff at Cebuanas, since they are not only slow to respond to live online message, but I am not sure if they are really doing something about these complaints or not.
  • Perhaps Cebuanas.com figure a few pretty fake photos will attract new male paying memberships?  I do not know;  but I do know that the free dating web site meetAsianBabe.com will delete any members that looks like spam or scammer, with a proprietary pattern recognition algorithm.  meetAsianBabe.com is 100% free, and there is no monetary benefit for this site by keeping pretty fake profiles.
  • Out of all the really attractive girls (perhaps 50) – only one girl (but she is still legally married) appears to be similar in real life as the profile photo.
  • It appears as if most of the pretty girls – and their profiles, have figured out how to take lots of photos, and only pick a couple of the best pretty/sexy photos to post in their profile.  It is sometimes a bit of a disappointment to see them on a web cam in real life.   When I finally get the girls to chat with me on a web cam, they are not anywhere near the same quality as the girl as posted in the photos.  Sometimes it is not even the same girl on the cam as the photo in the profile.

    This girl looks really skinny and not at all like her profile photo.

    This cam snapshot show a really skinny girl – and not at all like her profile photo.

  • A large percentage of the girls are jobless and hungry (literally), and are looking for any means to get a stupid lovesick foreigner to send them money.  Some of the girls look like they have not eaten a good meal for a long time, with a few girls with really bony arms and skinny faces.
  • The girls will frequently mention they have no money to pay for Internet web cam sessions in an Internet shop – or food for their family.  Some girls are really clever and have other elaborate scams to extract money from foreigners.  The poverty in Philippines is much worse than I expected.

In short, my conclusions about Cebuanas.com is to save your money, and don’t waste your time.  Here is another story about cebuanas.com and why you should beware of their services:

Beware of Cebuanas.com

I even cancelled my membership with Cebuanas.com before the end of the 30 days, and they still billed me for another month via PayPal – and ignored my email to rectify the problem.  This is really bad customer service, in my experience!

Buyer be aware if you want to try Cebuanas.com, and recommend instead trying some of really good free dating web sites:

  1. meetAsianBabe.com
  2. DateInAsia.com


Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think of it.  Feedback is important and that’s the reason you’re getting this post….

– Dr. Smile

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31 comments to A Few Things You Should Know about Cebuanas.com

  • chuhai

    the review is correct, cebunas is not a good site…..
    they got many bags on the system.

    real probrem is that the site only got few female members, and they are mostly from cebu province, and its far much better to resister other site.
    just make sure you do some free search on the site before you pay them.

    anyway this is good review.

  • Mike

    Here’s my experience. I believe this website is mainly a scam at this point. There are legitimate profiles on there, but I am convinced the site’s owners are also doing what they can to encourage people to subscribe.

    I had a free profile for almost a year. Received a fair amount of interests, smiles, emails, etc. I mean in the hundreds of smiles and emails in a 2 month period. Many from profiles of attractive women. Some even emailed twice. So I subscribed for a month. And replied back to those who had shown interest in some form in the last few weeks. Many of the emails were the same text, although some were manually typed. Zero response from those, even the ones who had emailed twice. Only maybe 2 out of maybe 30 or 40 even looked at my profile again. Received much more response from contacting other women.

    Hardly any activity for 3 weeks compared to the large amount from when I had a free account, even though I was checking almost daily for about 2 weeks to make sure I’d show up as active.

    Then one week before my subscription expiration, in 1 day I received 13 emails. All identical text from different women. None of whom had looked at my profile. I believe it is either some automated program the website runs in order to try to get me to renew for another month.(I had canceled a few days prior.)

    Another thing about the profiles is a striking amount of “Analysts” and “Customer Service” as the jobs.

    So I believe while there are legitimate profiles, hardly any are women I’d take the time to go meet.

  • G Ver

    Dr. Smile, I think you have a well written piece here, I too found what you did regarding the web cam, but cebuanas deleted the profile when I contacted them, but there are many as you said. Me, I spent 6 months on line with one lady, went to meet her, found a hard working lady, good family, and one that did not want my money. Is it easy to find one NO, there you are right. I thank you for your right up expecially the web cam. Guys need to be careful.

  • Addy

    ITS the same as buying goods at an auction….ever heard of CAVEAT EMPTOR….BUYER BEWARE !!!…..the only difference is, Goods can be returned sometimes….so you need to be careful, very careful.

    I trawled thro’ FH for quite a few years, met many scam-artists, who were despatched quickly with the proverbial kick up the backside (after a while u get good at picking them). At the same time spoke with quite a few ladies (and met about a dozen)who NEVER ONCE asked for money or help in any form !!!In fact a few dipped into their wallets to split the bill at the restaurant. Unbelievable? Miracle ?….no, it happens if you look around…

    there ARE girls like that too in the Phils. One such person is my partner Lydz, and GF of many years now….beautiful inside,trustworthy to the end, and faithful beyond death….so there you go…

    keep looking guys, but keep those eyes open, and you will run into someone great….cheers !

  • Joe Buck

    Exactly Woody you nailed the point,I 48 i have been on several dating sites and met a lot of scammers. But i took the blunt of the barrage because i am not interested in a partner that is more that 5-10 years younger than me. Be honest with yourself if a woman 2o years younger than you wants to date your money is i danger. Try to use your brain too and switch off the dick radar for a moment.

  • woody

    I met a girl on Cebuanas, I went to meet her in General santos city. I had a great time, she said she was 22 found out she was really 18. Well I think I got my moneys worth. The only reason a guy who is 40 plus can get the works with a young Filipina is that they are dirt poor. The westerner is MEGA rich by their standards. They will literally die on the steets if they do not have money. You know they can survive quite well on $50 a month. So the idiot love struck foreigner forks over hundreds to help his new love. God they must all laugh at us behind our backs. Anyway on my calculations it is far cheaper just to go to Angeles and have a dream girl for around $20 per night, that is $100 for 5 nights of the week with a new one each night. I feel sorry for the girls but I also feel sorry for the poor westerner fleeced under the pretense of Mahal Kita when the girl only wants your wallet. When you go to The Philippines you do not see young 18 year old girls with the 50 year old Philippine guy. So what makes it different for the girl to go after a old Foriegner? Money Honey! If you are 50 try getting a 18-25 year old in your own Country. Its just Bull Shit Man. Get it through your Ego that you are just a walking ATM machine.

  • liverpoolsteve

    Thanks Pete, you are right and it the country is beautiful. I’ll just keep away from the girls on the site, especially if they are called Jackie or Kyllen……

  • hey steve(above thread}…im not a phils master….but do your own thing…i quickly found that filipina are great time wasters …do your own thing….its a beautifull country….71 hundred islands cant be wrong….most surrounded by white beaches…a warm clear water

  • i just got back from phils….4 days ago….i chatted to 2 ladies over 4 months
    one disappeared 10 days afore i got there(no money exchanged)….reality i guess

    the other was lovely….for 3 days …then…uhuhuh…you guessed it…granny died….then family was no rice…then father died….maaaaan some think you were born last night…/not at night

    anyway took a few contact nos with me……..lo and behold..out of the blue met a lovely heart..

    sheeeit….spent my whole time with her(3 weeks)….every day….conversation is not ahh draining…but there you go folks……………..good ones are about

    mmm…now……….what to do…………..

  • sweety

    GUYS : it is sooo well known that those dating sites are scamming sites, but unfortunately as my GP said : “when the blood irriguates the d… it doesn’t irriguate the brain…” I love that, keep that in mind…. How can you guys believe that at first click they all say the same thing “I love you” second click “I miss you” third click :”forever” “muawh” “darling”…how can someone love you after the first click ? and at the end of the first week “I am hungry, huuuuhuuu, I have nothing to eat tomorrow…” but they chat on their mobile phone….Come on guys !!!
    My future ex hubby been “had” last year by a ….16 year old who pretended she was 22….on filipinahearts, he was stupid enough to put on his profile all the details about him, how much he was making a year, how many houses he had, sending photos of our house, our son, his full name….those girls must be laughing between themselves and exchange infos…they must chat with 10 guys at the same time and making each time 2000 pesos/guy, life is good !!! he was “infatuated” and sent money every week for 5 weeks….
    The “big fish” is back on the market again, on Cebuanas this time, after only less than 3 weeks, he’s been had again….but still seems not to have learnt his lesson….NEXT !!!!

    Remember : “the grass is not greener on the other side”….

  • There are a dozen different ways to be scammed. I personally was tricked over several months and I considered myself smart, but constant contacts, phone calls and using logitech availed me nothing. I flew there and eventually found my information being sent to people in the U.S.

    Found out by the Grace of God. Maybe going there without someone’s invitation is safer.

    Also, ask anyone how many filipino men are there over the age of sixty. No insurance, and you can die in the streets.

    Other than that, good luck.

  • Cebuanas is a good site if you like to go along with the games of love that the fake girls play with you to hook you up and then get yr sympathetic side and ask you for some cash…Im really firm with them and tell them that Cebuanas is for true love searching and if they want money then go to a bank and ask them and not me coz im poor..But if one joins Cebuanas and goes from one fake girl to the next,eventually you will find a genuine looking for love one or more who will never ask for money and if you both click,she will stick to you like glue…Genuine ones stand out instantly,its easy to see them from the fakes…Chat to her on the phone and the whole story will unfold bit by bit….Ive made at least 2 new lovely GFs this way on Cebs every year and i go to visit every one of them and im about to go and meet another one from Manila next month so we can holiday in Boracay together…My advice is simple…be careful and sort out the good from the bad ones first,dont fall for good looks alone but delve her personality deeply and thoroughly…With some patience,practice and time you too will have good luck if you play yr cards right..Cheers

  • Steve

    Has anybody had any bad experiences on meeting these ladies? I realise this could create a deluge of comments for me,but it would be good to find out before I take the plunge. For example being strung along,visit the Philippines (even after all the webcam appear to be genuine) just to find out it’s been a waste of time and money. All the girl wanted to do is to travel and maybe meet somebody else on the travels?

    Guys – Appreciate your advice please

    • In my experience there are both “good” and “bad” girls on the internet, and it is much same in real life when you meet people on the street or in bars.

      Just use your common sense, and do not focus on just one girl at first. You should meet as many people as possible, and then decide who you want to spend more time with.

      Dr. Smile

  • Steve

    Has anybody had any bad experiences on meeting these ladies? I realise this could create a deluge of comments for me, but it would be good to find out before I take the plunge. For example being strung along, visit the Philippines (even after all the webcam appear to be genuine) just to find out it’s been a waste of time and money. All the girl wanted to do is to travel and maybe meet somebody else on the travels?

    Appreciate the guys advice please.

  • Joe Marlbough

    This is — an okay site for a third world country, with all that that entails – including scam heaven – (what else do you do with 30% unemployment and 80% poverty?)… So absolutely, there are women (with pimps I am sure) who use the site to promote sex services, especially webcam sex, and also out and out fraud. Sorry state for the Philippines, or any country who resorts to such tactics as “acceptable” behavior… but you just have to be smart.

    The first item to be aware of – they ask to communicate with you via private email or IM. From that some are very blatent and ask to pay for services of one type or another… BUT — The second and most sinister is the women who play on lonely and perhaps desperate men who are willing to believe most anything… they will tell you they are poor and struggling (which may or may not be true)… then send you pictures of a woman who looks anything but poor or struggling, as well as very attractive, in nice surroundings… they may even ask you to call them – they have women who are good at english and play a great role (although if they have a strong Tagalog accent that is the first warning, educated women in the Philippines speak and write English well, without the local words, like the use of “dear” all the time (which in Tagalog is used frequently)… Then one of the examples of a clincher, is that they ask you to come visit them and stay at a nice beautiful resort where you can be together… they give a name for the resort – and of course it JUST opened and not on travel sites yet – but they have a friend there you can call and make a reservation… 🙂 you get the picture, credit card, identification data etc.

    But just be smart, and don’t be in a rush, and realize that a truly beautiful Filipina woman is more likely NOT to use this site vs. visiting nice foreign prosperous hangouts in her country if she is looking for a foreign man… Or if she is on the site, she is slow to get to know – be happy to be a penpal for a while – and drop the vulgar language or expectation that sex is right around the corner. Or if you want the sex – just pay for it at home – save you lots of money to travel half way round the world for it.

  • Look guys u have to understand the Phils is a 3rd world country that happens to be full of really pretty women…Yes alot are just plain fake and scammers and do it all just coz they are hungry….I been on Cebuanas for a few years now on and off mainly seeking for friends/penpals and you know what its good for that…If your searching for love and marraige and serious straight off you will be let down most of the time….If you find the honest girl eventually just be a friend to her and get to know her well first…In time and if she likes you the feelings will grow to bigger better things,if not move on to the next one….I have made many many many love acquaintances like this but im a pure Romeo and dont want serious ever with anyone…Treat with respect and pamper them and they open their hearts to you…Cebuanas isnt a perfect site but i can mention at least 6 other paying sites that are much worse with their members…

  • tallngentle

    This Dr.Love promotes or operates a competitive dating service. Surprise!!!

    Some of it is true. And a 5,000 mile trip is a gamble. So plan on staying no matter what. One young beauty had one heck of a deep voice when on the phone with me. I thought it was a malfunction with my computer. I dropped her quickly. And one I knew, gave my private information to someone in America. Lucky to find out. So, take your time. It’s a foreign country. One serious mistake and your butt is fried.

    I think I just convinced myself to quit cebuanas!


  • Joe

    You want to see a scam look on POF in California. Low quality women who lie will wast your time. E-harmony is another one. Yes there are plenty of scammers in the USA. And there are scammers in other countries too, Cebuanas is no exception. At work a girl here in California got 135,000 for sex harssment. She got her bra snapped one time. Jesus talk about a scam, that’s the real scammers, American women.

  • drjones2010`

    Dr. Smile,

    It is very unfortunate you had such bad experience at cebuanas. However, mine have been good and bad. For example, yes it is true that 1 out 4 girls on the site is cam girl,and yes lady boys are on there too. However, I have met some very nice young ladies,and we keep in touch.

    I hope to marry a filipino one day. I working through the true and serious mind ones. Yet, I find the scammers are easy to figure out. They are not consist with there story. In addition, yes alot are proverty striction,but I dont’ feel sorry for them. Majority of time lie about there situation. I catch them in lies all the time.

    Nevertheless, keep up the good work in informing your fellow man about the woe’s of finding a mate in South East Asia.

    Sincerely, there some wonderful ladies that are looking for good man and vice versa.

    All the best,
    Dr. Jones

  • From personal experience of Cebuanas? I was the victim of many online scammers from this site. That is why i setup a brand new site; http://www.philippineangels.com we don’t like scammers, shemales, cam girls just genuine ladies who want to meet a foreign guy.
    My staff are personally trained to look out for scammers and undesirable members and they are deleted without question from the site – that is of course providing they pass our robust registration process!
    As for free dating sites – beware! If you think you can find a genuine lady from a FREE site, good luck to you, because you will surely need it!
    Robin N Cook

  • silver_aquarian

    Cebuanas is a front for trained teams of ladyboys who are intelligent, worldly , have great personilty and raging determination to get the huge kickbacks ofered by web sites like http://www.webcams.com . you need to go there to see the amazing commissions paid to web cams recruits, then you understand why its organised. I personally have named HUNDREDSof fake profiles ion Cebuanas, and often a scammer will use same girls fake pics within hours of being exposed as a scammer or web cam recruit. the lady boys are all gfriends and work as a large team in quezon city..the company they work for is called something very much like”American Online’ or America online internet service..I know this because i was a web cam studio owner, and recently I got close to one of the team leaders atwithin this large gruop of webcam recruiters.
    Regarding Cebuanas, its a total fraud, they must be investigated by the Phils Money Laundering commission…esp as the charge hefty monthy memberships with NO DUTY OF CARE!!…Also ythe fakes and the beggars give the nice girls a bad reputation too. I love the pinay, I know many. But even I got conned by a seemingly decent chick in Quezon City recently who came to me for help ($$$) after the floods in Sept…she grabbed the cash and hardly see or hear from her since..she ‘too busy’
    Regading height: there are VERY few pinay over 5-4 ANYWHERE.
    I could write a book about my experiences in the past 3 years..about the things poverty forces a girl to do, and how monety wrecks them..to how a penniless girl getting nww pc, webcam, and desk, silks etc,, who can make $50 a day easily..she sells the 30,000 peso equpment for 10-15,000 within a few days of rewceiving it..then comes bacl later broke and needing hert job back..for me, the girls in Mindanao are best, esp Iligan..there are tall girls there and stunners too.
    i gus I want to say Cebuanas led directly and indirectly to me losing $15,000+ in 3 years for various easons..many of them honourable believe it or not.
    Gold Coast, Australia

  • why

    although i think that cebuanas grossly overstimates their figures, do look at your own… just search for any city and you will see that there are only a handful girls registered, if there are really 5000 registrations per month, they are probably all guys…

    • The reason is that new members are not required to disclose their city location. You can register on our web site without any city location – unlike Cebuanas.com.

      In other words, there may be 5000 new members, but only a handful of new members that understand the importance of listing their city location.

      We are considering to add a ‘must’ requirement for all new members to register their country, state and city.

  • Why seek for Asian brides thru Cebuanas or any other asian dating site, if you can date the most beautiful Bulgarian and Russian ladies. Much more easy in terms of arranging meeting and visits. The Bulgarian woman will give you comfort, loyalty, she will be your life partner and soulmate, your partner to count on and talk about everything. Discover the inner beauty of Bulgarian ladies.

  • Spam Watch

    Cebuanas.com is http://www.darlingsmedia.com …They have breached their privacy policy ! The email addresses of members are free to view and download by anybody.

    http://www.darlingsmedia.com owns http://www.Cebuanas.us on that site you will find the email addresses


    All the emails for ALL memebers logging into the the site are there. The Whole damm http://www.darlingsmedia.com network is there to view !

    Be warned. Cebuanas.com is EVIL.

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