A Few Things You Should Know about Cebuanas.com

Here is my honest and hard-earned conclusion about the Cebuanas.com dating web site – spending many hours every day for a whole month.  I regret to say it is not all positive, but I hope my comments will saves you some time in education and money.

  • The Cebuanas support staff claim of more than 350,000 members is GROSSLY overestimated – maybe by a factor of 10!  If you do a “broad” search from the home page on Cebuanas for all registered age 18-30 girls in the last 12 months, you get something like 14,482 members i.e. about 1200 registrations per month.  — In contrast meetAsianBabe.com has more than 5,000 registrations per month and growing.
  • If you do a search on Cebuanas.com for girls at least 5’4″ tall you get 1916 total members.  So with some simple math, you realize that 83% of the Filipinas are less than 5’4″ tall – at least on Cebunas.com.  It sucks to meet short girls (5’4″ or less), since I prefer my girlfriends to be at least shoulder height to my own self.  I am 6’2″ tall, and that leaves me with 1916 girls to consider.  Of course there will be some high quality women out of  1900 girls, but a large percentage of the girls will not be a good match for many other reasons.

    This girl's face is used in several fake profiles, including HotOrNot.com and Cebuanas.com

    This girl’s face is used in several fake profiles, including HotOrNot.com and Cebuanas.com

  • The amount of “web cam models” on Cebuanas is very high – perhaps 25%.  Out of the most attractive girls I talked to, I would say 1 out of 4 girls are posting fake profiles or working as agents/promoters to get love-sick Western guys to pay money to see nude Filipinas on web cam.  Some guys think this is fun, but I find it repulsive and boring.  Someone told me nude dancing on web cams is illegal in the Philippines, and that the police will close down any agency that they can find doing this.
  • I complained to support at Cebuanas.com about all the professional web cam models, but I am not sure they know what to do about these fake members, promoting sex services.  I stopped complaining to the staff at Cebuanas, since they are not only slow to respond to live online message, but I am not sure if they are really doing something about these complaints or not.
  • Perhaps Cebuanas.com figure a few pretty fake photos will attract new male paying memberships?  I do not know;  but I do know that the free dating web site meetAsianBabe.com will delete any members that looks like spam or scammer, with a proprietary pattern recognition algorithm.  meetAsianBabe.com is 100% free, and there is no monetary benefit for this site by keeping pretty fake profiles.
  • Out of all the really attractive girls (perhaps 50) – only one girl (but she is still legally married) appears to be similar in real life as the profile photo.
  • It appears as if most of the pretty girls – and their profiles, have figured out how to take lots of photos, and only pick a couple of the best pretty/sexy photos to post in their profile.  It is sometimes a bit of a disappointment to see them on a web cam in real life.   When I finally get the girls to chat with me on a web cam, they are not anywhere near the same quality as the girl as posted in the photos.  Sometimes it is not even the same girl on the cam as the photo in the profile.

    This girl looks really skinny and not at all like her profile photo.

    This cam snapshot show a really skinny girl – and not at all like her profile photo.

  • A large percentage of the girls are jobless and hungry (literally), and are looking for any means to get a stupid lovesick foreigner to send them money.  Some of the girls look like they have not eaten a good meal for a long time, with a few girls with really bony arms and skinny faces.
  • The girls will frequently mention they have no money to pay for Internet web cam sessions in an Internet shop – or food for their family.  Some girls are really clever and have other elaborate scams to extract money from foreigners.  The poverty in Philippines is much worse than I expected.

In short, my conclusions about Cebuanas.com is to save your money, and don’t waste your time.  Here is another story about cebuanas.com and why you should beware of their services:

Beware of Cebuanas.com

I even cancelled my membership with Cebuanas.com before the end of the 30 days, and they still billed me for another month via PayPal – and ignored my email to rectify the problem.  This is really bad customer service, in my experience!

Buyer be aware if you want to try Cebuanas.com, and recommend instead trying some of really good free dating web sites:

  1. meetAsianBabe.com
  2. DateInAsia.com


Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think of it.  Feedback is important and that’s the reason you’re getting this post….

– Dr. Smile

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  • It’s true I thought I had found love. She said all the right things I sent money for food n school . When I slowed in sending cash. She te,Ted me and said she was going back too her fiance . Wow nothing nice I meet this kind of. Woman. Here In U.S.A IT’S SAD.

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