What are the Top Dating Sites in Asia?

There are lots of Asian dating web sites, but in my experience, there are only a few dating/social web sites to meet Asian girls, worthy of your attention:

  1. meetAsianBabe.com (free dating site)
  2. DateInAsia.com (free dating site)
  3. Friendster.com (free social site and popular in Philippines)
  4. Hi5.com (free social site and most popular in Thailand)
  5. Facebook.com (free social site)
  6. Tagged.com (free social and dating web site)
  7. Cebuanas.com (dating site; monthly subscription US$25/month)
  8. FilipinaHeart.com (dating site; signup is free, but cost money to send message to other non-paying members)
  9. HotOrNot.com (free to post and rate your photos, send messages cost US$8/month)

This is my summary report after having sorted, sifted and chatted with the top (read: most attractive) 500 girls from Philippines, Thailand, China and some other countries in different web sites.

  • If you are a serious online dater, you want to collect as many pieces of information about their work, education, location, family, height and weight, dating and sexual experiences etc. Believe it or not, some of the girls have zero sexual experience, and are still virgins and will not have sex until they are married!…   I am talking from actual experience here, and it may also not be what you are looking for. (smile)
  • Of course you have to be diplomatic with your “interview” of the girl, as most people do not like to be questioned as if they have just met the police.  Try to make the conversation fun and ask “stupid” questions to open her up, for example:  “Do you like foreigners?” … “Did you ever try a foreigner boyfriend” …  “Why not – are you lesbian?  hehe” etc.  For me, it has become both an art and science to as quickly as possible extract the information from the girl to determine if she is worthy of my time and effort.
  • The girls will frequently mention they have no money to pay for internet web cam sessions in an internet shop – or food for their family.  Some girls are really clever and have other elaborate scams to extract money from foreigners.  The poverty in Philippines is much worse than I expected.
  • Needless to say: DO NOT EVER SEND MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU HAVE NOT MET.  Even if the amount of money requested is small compared to your monthly Western nation income, it will waste your time and leaves a bad feeling when you meet with a girl from another country that will never chat with you again, after she has received your money.  I consider my life too short, and I always try to steer my life towards positive experiences with the time I have left on this Earth.
  • Some profiles are totally fake with girls posting fake photos, height, weight etc.  I am amazed at some of the girls who do not just fake the real age, but fake almost all aspects of their profile, such as photos, where they live and work, height, weight etc.  Do you really want to date someone who is this careless about their integrity!?

I would say the best two free dating sites in Asia, are at this time:

  1. meetAsianBabe.com
  2. DateInAsia.com

    Night-out with a good friend from Bangkok.

    With a good friend in Bangkok.

And again, do not send money to people you have not met, and always ask the girl to verify her identity with a short web cam session.  It costs less than US 40 cents to go to an internet web cam shop in the Philippines for an hour of internet chatting.

Do not accept the common excuse of the scammer that there is no internet shop in their city, they want you to send money to buy web cam, or it is not safe to visit the internet shop etc.  I have traveled all over the Philippines and there is an internet shop on almost ever street corner in the Philippines.

There are lots of beautiful and sweet (read: low-maintenance) girls in the Philippines, Thailand and other Asian countries.  Just be aware and educate yourself a little bit.  It will not only save you some money, but will bring your less heart-ache and more of that bliss and spirit of play.

Is there any more to life than to be deeply and really happy?  (smile)

– Dr. Smile

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  • Most of those are not dating sites but social networking sites. They can work if you know what you’re doing though.

  • Some good insights on this site…actually I have a specific question on this subject since I am working on a book dating and how to get a girlfriend in today’s world. I’d like to get your advice on this recent trend of guys studying “pickup”, and I’m wondering if this stuff works? Can any recommend “guru” out there who can actually teach guys to pick up women?

  • I think goodthaigirl.com is the best. Too many crooks on dateinasia
    goodthaigirl has blogs to see what its like dating and traveling to Thailand. Lovely interface as well. Is also free!

  • Asian dating sites are great, especially free ones. Unfortunately scoundrels and scammers keep trying to use these sites, but within the profiles are some real gems. When you meet a nice, true and honest Asian girl its well worth it.

  • i have been a member of cebuanas dating sites for the last years and i meet a lot of nice and friendly people now i was married last year guess what 1 of them was my husband now thanks to cebuanas there one thing that is quickly spreading fast usatodate.com is the partner site of cebuanas.com so if you have time try it or just visit it. thanks and more power.


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