Advice for Expats Breaking Up with Filipinas…

Reekey over at LifeBeyondTheSea on his YouTube Channel is giving some great advice for expats breaking up with a Filipina.

He talks very frankly about what can happen when a foreigner comes on a 2-3 week holiday to date a Filipina in the Philippines. Things can go well, but can also go badly.

I hope

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What are the 2 Most Important Rules for Online Dating?

The creator of ‘Cosmic Romance’ on his YouTube channel has come out with new great video with some tips on online dating.

The video talks about how you can know when your online friend is looking for real true love, or not. And then at the end of the video will tell you the most

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How Do You Know Your Online Girlfriend is Real?

There are many ways to tell that relationship with a girl from Asia may be true. But, how do you know your girlfriend is real … and is not just a gold digger? … or that the relationship with your online girl is true?

Here are a few things that can indicate if she

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