What Country has the Best Girls?

Thai women in shopping mall

What are the best girls in SE Asia?….

I know this is a big question, since there are nice people in every country of this world. And, you can find a nice girlfriend in almost any location.

However, in my experience … there are 2 countries that rank the highest. They are Thailand and Philippines.

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This video is getting a lot of views on the internet, about air hostesses dancing in the isles of Cebu Pacific airlines. Cebu Pacific does this kind of safety demonstration for special occasions – and for the passengers to pay attention.

Air Hostesses Dancing The Cebu Pacific Safety Dance – MTV version. Let me

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Poll: What Asian Country has the Most Beautiful Girls?

cute Filipinas shopping in Manila

It is now offical – Asia’s most beautiful girls come from the Philippines!

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Thai Girls or Filipinas – What is Better?

What SE Asian county has the best girls? To compare Thai girls and Filipinas, I made this short cheat list:

It seems like Thailand has:

Bangkok: Ms. K.K. from Thailand

Great infra-structure (roads, electric Skytrain that works, free internet access points all over the city), great shopping

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