What are Single Women Really Like in the Philippines?

Asian Love Doctor from asiandatingdr.com wrote an interesting article and found this video below. Read his article and watch the video below for more Asian dating tips:

“It is as busy and amazing as you want it to be. Just be careful, too much of a good thing can get hazardous. A few tips on

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Love Knows No Distance

How will you know that your relationship is working between your distances? Simple, make sure that you are being connected to each other. It is not easy to have a long distance relationship I know, and you might say no long distance relationship working. But tell me those words again after you see this video.

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This video is getting a lot of views on the internet, about air hostesses dancing in the isles of Cebu Pacific airlines. Cebu Pacific does this kind of safety demonstration for special occasions – and for the passengers to pay attention.

Air Hostesses Dancing The Cebu Pacific Safety Dance – MTV version. Let me

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“Miss A” – The latest Girl Band from Korea

You got to love those Korean girl bands! See the video below.

This new Korean band quartet has already made a start on its career in China as commercial models and is now ready to meet local fans in Asia, according to the agency.

Comprised of four members _ Fei, Jia, Suzy and Min _

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