Want Your Girlfriend Back?

You want her back more than anything. You want to feel her in your arms.  —  You want her to be yours again . . .

I know how painful and lonely it is to be after a breakup, so I have done a lot of research and compiled my knowledge of what you need to know to try to get back your ex girlfriend right here, in this short PDF file.  There is hope and I may have a solution for you.  Click here to consent to download and read the PDF file now:

PDF report: TIPS on How to Get Back Your Girlfriend

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Dr. Love with a sweet ex-girlfriend.

Dr. Love with a sweet ex-girlfriend.


Begging I know that this might sound cliché, but it does not work to pull your ex back by begging. The sad thing most guys don’t even know that they are doing things that equate to being desperate. Let me make a quick list of things to avoid (this is not an exhaustive list), but if you see yourself doing any of these things, please STOP.

  • – Sending your ex girlfriend constant text messages with no response
  • – Calling your ex girl friend multiple times a day
  • – Trying to ask her friends where she is
  • – Checking her Facebook profile all the time to see if she has new updates

Promise you’ll change Look, the fact of the matter is, you messed up somehow and that’s why you’re in dumpsville. So it’s obvious that you NEED to change in order to pull your ex back. But telling her and promising your ex girl friend that you’ll change means nothing. Don’t “tell her” SHOW HER! I guarantee that you were not being needy and desperate before she broke up with you. So if you are now, please stop!  And yes, promising her “you’ll change” is another sign of being desperate and is very unattractive to get the ex back.

Trying to make them jealous Now, I am not saying jealousy doesn’t work to pull your ex back. It does work very well. But what you need to know, when you try to employ the use of jealousy make sure it doesn’t back fire upon. I guarantee you 98% of the time most guys try to make their ex girlfriends jealous TOO SOON and end up pushing their ex’s even further away. Why? Because it’s painfully obvious that what you’re doing is just an “act” and is in direct response to her rejecting you (which is another sign of being desperate).

Being too emotional I know right after being dumped you feel a gut wrenching feeling of pain. It really hurts. I know that feeling, trust me. I have been there. However, if you let your emotions take over your logical thought processes, it’s not going to help your cause. If you start moping and crying about how bad your life is and how you cannot live without your ex girl friend, then you are not only not going to push her away. You’re going to lose your own friends too – and not get your ex back. Why? Because honestly, who wants to hang out with someone who’s depressed and emotional all the time?  Not me for sure!

Not having a plan It’s understandable that the first thing you do after losing your ex girlfriend is trying everything you can do to pull your ex back. That’s natural human behavior. If you lose something that you previously owned you’d want to go out of your way to get it.

Before you go rushing in to try and sweep your ex back into your arms again, you need to understand that she broke up with you for a reason. Once you overcome that reason and then resolve the issues attached to that reason, then and only then is when you SHOULD go back to get your ex back. If you charge in with no plan, you’re just going to push her further away.

My friend Rob wrote these wonderful tips, and I hope that after reading these 5 points you have a better idea of how to pull your ex back.   He even appeared on the news, about dating girls – so you know he is the real deal.

If you want to quickly help your situation, I recommend you consent to the download and read Rob’s detailed tips in this PDF link – or press the button below, on how to get back the ex girlfriend.  There is no registration or password required to read the PDF file.


(The PDF file is malware free and does not require any registration or password to open and read. And, no uninstall is required; just delete the PDF file when finished reading, if you want. )

The PDF file was created to give you a detailed PDF to read that gives much more information about getting back together with your ex girlfriend.  In fact, the PDF has over 22 pages worth of valuable content. You can access it immediately, just click on this link to consent to download the PDF document.  It will save you month of time in studying human female/male relationships.

Take action now, before I take down this free PDF download, or your ex-GF runs off with another guy!….

-The Asian Dating Doctor

San Francisco, CA

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