Do Not Send Money to People You Have Never Met!

Girls, please help us stop the scammers.

Our fraud department works 24 hours a day in order to screen for scammers and we delete, blacklist, and block any and all scammers we can find.Love scammer from UK and Africa

However, because these guys can be rather crafty we need your help! There are many scams coming from Nigeria, Ghana, the UK and other foreign countries.

The con artists will pretend to be living or working in a foreign country. They will send you a number of sweet “I love you – you are my soul mate…” emails to build your trust and confidence, and their profile will appear to be an authentic white nice guy – sometimes with a picture of a child. Then suddenly they will have some difficulty – a medical emergency etc, and ask you to wire money to their bank in Africa.

If you see anyone asking you for money on the site this is a big red flag. Follow this simple rule:

DO NOT SEND MONEY TO PEOPLE YOU HAVE NEVER MET BEFORE – no matter how convincing it sounds !!!!!!

Use the CONTACT US link on the bottom of every web page to report the member to us so the appropriate actions can be taken. The safety and privacy of our members is a top priority for us and with your help we can put these guys to rest permanently.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter. Our goal is to provide the best dating experience possible.  Here is a good information page by the United States Goverment on Love Scams:

Internet Love Scams

-Dr. Smile

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5 comments to Do Not Send Money to People You Have Never Met!

  • smart lady

    I met a guy online from ghana ,we have been chatting for a while.he has been asking me for money for money for some documents to come here.he tries to make me feel bad when i do not send him any money.i think i am right.can i get some opinions?

    • I strongly recommend to block any person asking for money, that you have not met in person. (Period!!!!) Your story sounds like a classic African scam…

      Please let me know if this person has a membership on our dating site, and we will block/delete his profile.

  • i have a very big mistake to this guy he said he come to singapore last month only. sept 2 he said he arriving in singapore. but he stop over to malaysia. on that day. then i was shock the custom officer the told me that this guy is detain in malaysian airport. that he carry a lot of money. at about two hundred thousand usd money. he need help to get out of that country.

    The demand me 500 singapore so i give it to them. after one day again they ask me again money so i send it again they said for the lawyer money to have sign the ducuments to that money. they said that problem is finish so i said is ok.

    After 5 days later the lady told me she need money again for the manager for under the table money so i give 3 hundred sing dollar. they lady said is everything ok. but i do not know this is a scam. nobody knows about what happen to me. but until now this lady she ask again 3500 ringgit last saturday. but i dont give her anymore.

    So all of the mpney i was given to them was 1800 singdollar. but this guy he said from u.k. i dont really know if form u.k or not. i really i had a bad dreams for this. thank you so much. this is my experience that i wont forget.

    Beware to those scammer really they have a sweet talk to you.

  • I am one of them who are cheated by the negerian people who are risiding malaysia.

    beware they are sweet talk and lots of promises. i hope justice will prevail one day.

    The runner was woman tilling me she is a custom offecer in malaysia. until now this woman keep calling me to give them again money.

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