New Love Scam from China

I find it very interesting to watch all the different forms of scamming that people get into in different low-pay countries, just because they think all men from Western nations are rich.


New Translation Love Scam from China

I will try to report the latest scams in my blog here.  But, feel free to send me any email you have with information about new scams, if you see something interesting.

The latest scam from China involves some very innocent looking – but pretty – girls from China.

First they will send you a few simple emails in English, but then quickly try to get you to sign into one of their free membership sites – AsianSweetLove.  But, the catch is you must pay money to translate each email to the girl!

This is particularly gross since you can use the free web site from Google Translate that works wonders.  If you need to translate any love letters or email in Chinese or Thai for a girl that speaks little English, just use the free Google translate service.  It is not a 100% perfect in translation, but it is certainly 95% – or enough to make any girl understand your meaning.

I even use the Google translation web site when I am online chatting with an Asian girl, in real time.  The girls are normally very impressed when I send Chinese or Thai sentences over Yahoo! messenger or MSN.  (smile)

Free Google Translation to Chinese and Thai

With this Chinese love-scam it is very possible that no girl is receiving your romantic emails, but this is probably an internet sweat-shop with rows of people hovering over their computers, solely interested in fleecing your Western valet to collect some money.

Be aware and stay away from these web sites.  I do not know anything positive – or real love, that comes from this.

However, these girls always look so cute! – I wish they were really available online for chatting and more.  So sad, but I guess that is why so many guys get sucked in.  (smile)

– Doctor Smile

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42 comments to New Love Scam from China

  • Bob

    I’ve lived in Nanning, China for three years. The only thing these women are after is money and a green card, end of that story. I’ve seen guys come here and marry these women meeting them for the first time. Guys, don’t come to China and marry these women no matter what they look like or tell you. I’ve seen so many people come here and marry these women thinking that they’re the best thing that ever happened to them and not one year later, they divorce. Don’t be fooled by their smiles because that smile will turn into a real B***H later on. All they want is your money and if you don’t give it to them, they throw the biggest temper tandrum you’ve ever seen. They are un-predictable and you’ll never get the truth from any of them. I know I sound harsh and somewhat cruel but I hate to see anyone make the same mistake I did.

  • meet a girl on blossoms.. Flew to Hong Kong then to took the train to ShenZhen to meet up with her. was told her uncle had just passed away in a car accident. So could not meet up with her. Long story short, during the holidays season she requested some money for shopping, ask her to send me an address for pick at a western union. Told her western union will require id and an address to match. She gave her friends address, then i said i needed her address, an she provided. So i created a fake control number and sent it to her via e-mail and told her she can pick up the cash.. But there was no cash to be pick-up. never heard back..

    • Interesting story, but don’t waste your time with scammers – or try to get even… There are only 2 rules for happy online dating:

      1) Never send money to people you have not met in person. (There are too many scams to list here, and some people are just not wired to live an honest life.)

      2) Always do a web cam chat session before meeting someone. (Many times the web site profile will use a photo of a movie star or a model from a magazine. Verify and do not fall in love until you know the full details of the person.)

  • Sory to blow everybodies bubble with those sites, those dating sites are the finest example of scams I have expereinced in my life.

    Besides yhose sited charge you credits for each letter you write or receive, just for fun I receive a total of 14 letters from ladies I never contacted multi ply that by
    $7.00 per letter do the math. but what is more concerning that all independent agencies working with or for those sites, control to conversation, meaning absolutly no personal info (like e-mail or ny other) will be transmitted to the persons.

    Chnlove has chat service but no cam service, they do have video service but when you compare the facial expressions of their ladies on video, those faces dont look like anything than their pictures,
    My conclusion is with those regulations and standards chnlove, charmingdate and Idateasia together are the largest scammers on the face of this world, unfortunatly nothing or very little can be done about this.

    Be aware

  • On dating in asia i meet a girl named lujuan xie. July 10, 2012 was our first email to each other.Less then two weeks she want me to assure her to i would take care of paying for it. I informed her i was not going to send her money for airfare. She went off on a email saying i am not taking it seriouly. As i have learned you do not send money for anything because it may be a scam. Now she has stopped email me and the few times she did she was a litty pissy. I think it was a scam….what do you think?

    • Of course it was a scam… You should NEVER send money to someone you have not met. This is rule #1.

      But, you should really ask yourself; if this girl was not a scammer and is looking for a real boyfriend – do you want a romance relationship that was started around requests for money?


  • joe

    As for the Gentleman going to Nanning and I,m not saying all Women there are scammers but has a bad reputation for false love and marriage scams…, but seems strange she do not at least have a phone ???? I was there in Guangxi Luizhou city and everybiody has a cell phone and even the poor just like here in America (Homeless ) have smart phones for God,s sakes….. But take advice and I made a mistake blindly meeting a lady that was not even her from which a translator was behind the scenes playing a marriage broker which is illegal in China now and stay away from more in my blog in the older post of the story or Ok have a good trip and be on alert…..

  • alan

    Thanks for the advice.
    I will tell you the outcome when I come back.
    (If I come back alive (LOL)

  • I do not know if it is a scam. I only suggesting to increase your chances of success – like a web cam meeting online.

    You can of course meet the girl in person that is sending you emails, but do not be surprised if there is no chemistry, or that she may be different than what she tells you in the email.

    And please – DO NOT travel to any strange places to meet her. Just ask her to come to the lobby of your hotel, and you can offer to pay her transportation costs to make her feel comfortable. Do not send her money, but just pay her cash for bus, taxi etc when you meet her. Then you can sit down and have coffee and get to know her better.

    It should be very safe to meet the lady in the hotel lobby and have some coffee.

    -Dr. Love

  • alan

    So you think this is a scam.

    May be I will just think of this as holiday. Wait at the airport until everybody goes, and book a taxi to go to the hotel and travel around and come back.


  • alan

    der DrLove

    thanks for quick comments. I have already booked the flight and hotels. So may be I think it as a holiday trip. As long as I can come back alive, with all legs, arms intact.

    I am a 55+ guy and Afro-american looking. I had no luck on website for almost 8 months. Most Asian girls are looking for White guys. Asians are the most racist in the world. I hear some indians do not even marry another indian if the race and caste does not match exactly.
    This is the only women who continously written to me for about 3 months.
    But short emails.

    What do you think.

    • I would enjoy the vacation or try to change your travel plans.

      It costs only around US 20 cents in Asia to rent a computer with a web cam for 1/2 an hour. Do not send money or spend your own money (like traveling) on people you have not met or seen on a web cam. Period.

      -Dr. Love

  • alan

    I have been communicating with bit older lady (45+). I am in my 50’s
    I am planning to visit her next week in Nanning . I am more worried about that they will abduct me or demand mony or hit me or so.
    Is it safe to travel ?
    Anybody had similar bad experience.
    She has never asked for money. But she says she has no telephone and no computer . So I have not been able to chat or call. Only just regular email.
    But emails also very short and not much details.
    Any advice please.

    • I would never travel to meet anyone I have not at least met and seen on a web cam chat!

      It is so inexpensive for your lady to visit an internet shop that has a web cam, that any excuse to not do so is a BIG red flag. Don’t fall into this trap of meeting your dream woman. Wake up!

      This advice may have something to do with your own safety, but it even has more to do with if you are wasting your time or not, in meeting this lady.

      -Dr. Love

  • Dean

    So what’s your take of dating websites such as Heart of Asia Online and China Love. I understand these sites are connected to Russian organizations such as Anastasia.

  • Hey Kevin,

    Not only do the ladies get paid to write letters but they get paid even more if they can get you to chat online, thats where they make the big money. Its kind of like the sex websites where men pay to talk to women only there not talking to the beautiful models in the picture but some sweathog in a boiler room operation. Almost all of these international websites operate like this. I have been researching this for years and have found out alot about these scams. I hope this helps you out.


  • hiiiiiiii i wish all uuuuuu guys all the best in the future because uu will need it there is so many problems with scammers but as the boys say never send money and use email and skype for u safety its all there guys there is so much trickery in world its a sad ending all the best keith b

  • Kevin K.

    Has anyone ever heard of the girls getting paid to write to the men?

    • Yes, there are all sorts of scams in this world.

      Some girls are not even girls, just some guy in another country pretending to be a girl. Some girls are web cam models, hoping to make $5 per minute to do sexy dancing on the web cam. Some girls are students with a financial problems that just want to pay some bills. There are all kinds of people in this world.

      The most important thing to remember is to get the girl to show her face on a web cam, and then NEVER EVER send money to a girl you have not met in person. Period.

      -Dr. Smile

  • wowwwwwwww what an experience i had from chinese to ukrain its amazing well im not sure about chinalove and i cant comment from this point but being on the site for quite a while u need to be carefull i have met some loverly ladys and flicked the scammers and married a chinese girl from shandong she is loverly soooooooo far im happy but in a comment from one client mentioning linda zhang wowww is she a dooooaaa and a girl from nanning

  • Colin

    Yes… hmm seems my suspicions have been correct all along… bummer.. however, I aint givin up.. so Joe, how does one meet these girls in real life? Are you talking about street girls or are there any meeting places, dances, single mixers, etc? It seems the thing to do is start one of our own.. or just go over there, write a few hundred and tell them t meet you at a certain place at a certain time and if they do not show up then they will miss out on the “gift” you have for them.. Shit there I go, wanting to be abusive too.. it seems now that since they have tricked me fr so long that it i fair play to promise wonderful things, use them and then walk away… but that is so wrong cause invariably we would find a sincere one and break her heart…. but there has to be a way to accomplish what we set out to do…. any suggestions? other then going here and doing the above without the gift thing… thanks!! PS any way to send a letter certified with return requested, you know the green card requiring Identification?? Thanks… perhaps I will go there and start a “verification service”. :-}

  • Joe

    I have a horrible exsperiance in liuzhou Guangxi China…, where I was communicating with a lady supposed to be in Nanning city, Gaungxi for 1 year from…, long story short I meet this lady and she relocated to liuzhou in this year communication at the Gulin airport near liuzhou and was nothere but close looking and found out later she was switched by the translator about half way in our communication cause the “THE REAL Li Juan Tang from Nanning married some one else”…and this lady dumps her younger sister on me in Guilin 2 days later and said lost confidence…, long story short this woman was a tramp and liar and freshly divorced 2 days prior to my arrival in China !! So stay away from online monthly pay date sites and find one in a social site or best bet go to Guangzhou and found one your self…, thy are aggesive and easy to find and met one with in 2 hours of my check in after leaving the hotel to look for a place to eat….Yes Man I love those Chinese Tenderlions !

  • I found to be a complete scam!

    I exchanged dozens of letters with several ladies. I could never get personal contact information, set up a video session or speak with any of them on the telephone. I took it on faith that I was actually corresponding with interested ‘real’ ladies. My hope was to meet with one or two them while visiting Hong Kong/Schenzhen on a business trip. That didn’t happen!

    In hindsite is clearly a translation scam. I doubt if I was communicating with any of the ladies that had profiles/photos posted on this site. I doubt any of the ladies on that site ever read any of the correspondence I sent them. Never again will invest significant time and money relying ONLY on correspondence. Chances are if you can’t talk with them on the telephone (with translation support) or video chat with them (with translation support) you’re probably just trading letters with perverted old man just out to make a fast buck!

  • Danny

    Dear No Games,
    My advice is to check the lady who skype and Yahoo and sms or text to you as well. I came across a similar person who is in my opinion playing games too as I realise now.

    I will mention two letters YY and if its the same and with a telephone ending with 093, than its the same person be careful as its pure game she plays including on the skype or yahoo chat well as a red flower.

    She can disappear for weeks and also come up with rediculous stories. It will be heartbreaking.

    I hope its not the same person, but if it is, sad for you too.

  • No Games

    I’ve been on an adventure trying to determine if one can find love this way, and I would like to relate some experiences here. About a year ago, I was sucked into the chnlove translation thing. Okay, after spending some money, I figured out whoever was communicating with me couldn’t be bothered to answer simple questions, which I kept asking, letter after letter. I broke that off really fast and moved on. Moral of that story, do not use translation services. I don’t care if they seem legitimate…in the long run, you WANT to be communicating directly with whoever you are interested in.

    Okay, on to look for free web sites…I found a few, and then settled on focusing on a web site that charges you for one month to collect contact information. This seems reasonable, since I can browse and request info from hundreds of ladies if I wish. I can then send messages via the web site, and they almost always respond. This was very nice, and they seemed fairly genuine.

    Well, one lady writes to me and she seems like a really sweet lady. Her thoughts seem very romantic, and after several months she still has not asked for any money, so I’m thinking “Cool. I don’t think I’m being scammed.” One thing is odd, though – I practically beg her to chat online with me more often, but she claims she is too busy to chat except for a very specific time frame on saturday morning. I kinda let it slide and think that “Sure, they don’t know me, and they have a life that doesn’t include me yet”

    It gets close to China National Day, and she tells me she has to go on vacation with her parents, but she will write to me if she can. By this time, I’m wishing I could fly to China and meet her, because she seems really nice and has not suggested anything that is disrespectful to me or ask for money or anything, only saying “I will be waiting here for you when you can come”. Very sweet, huh?

    Well, she supposedly goes on vacation and I never hear from her again. I do the old WTF for a few weeks, before it becomes clear I will not hear from her again. At this point, I’m glad I didn’t send any presents to her (she gave me a mailing address, and we exchanged contact information, but no telephone numbers)

    Now, on to the next…bingo. I finally found someone I can trust. Same web site, and we communicate using skype, yahoo and send texts to each other on phone. We use webcam, so we both know we are talking to who we think we are talking to. Her english is basic, but very charming that she can speak and understand enough. Of course, I am learning Chinese, too. We mostly use translation software, so we can get our thoughts and feelings across, and this is the woman I definitely want to invest time and money and emotional energy into. This is a story I believe will continue for the rest of my life, so far.

    Well, you might think this is the end of this entry, but you would be wrong. Recently, I get an e-mail out of the blue from the lady who went on vacation. I notice her english is REALLY bad, and after I get over my anger at having been “dumped” without a word, I try to find out more about what she has been doing. As best as I can determine, SHE was paying a translation agency in China to communicate for her, and this agency cheated her out of money somehow. Apparently, this agency edited the messages, photos and videos I sent to her, so she did not receive some of the messages I sent to her. She says she is very angry at this agency, and that she still likes me very much…

    …wow…you can imagine how tragic this is for her, since I am no longer interested in her and if she has indeed spent months waiting for something from this agency then I am really sorry for her. After a little bit of painful communication where I make it clear that I am interested in another woman now and can not be more than pen pals now, I am sure that she is a very nice lady and deserves better than the way this agency seems to have treated her. She is beautiful and would be a good catch for any sincere man. On one level, I am very angry at this agency she used, because of course I have no idea if any of the words in the past are even ones that this lady wrote, and also because they denied her a chance at honest communication with someone she might have been happy with.

    It all sounds a bit like a Chinese opera, I know…and maybe someone should post some references to stories like this.

    The final moral of the story: it is possible to meet someone this way, but it is VERY HARD. We, as humans, tend to trust others much too easily sometimes. Until you are able to SEE the other person, and HEAR their voice and interact with them as much as possible, despite the distance, there is a high probability that you will be wasting your time. Even if they never ask for money.

    Thanks for reading. If any of you all want some insight or a second opinion on how to handle your online communications with someone special, I’d love to help as much as I can. We live in a global society now, with wonderful ways to communicate, but we have to be very selective and careful about how we do it.

    – No Games

  • efren barroso

    This woman is probably a scammer, her name is linda yingwei o linda wei.
    I say this ´cause she was coming to my country, and the day of boarding her plane, which was not allowed ´cause she was not carrying enough cash to travel.
    Then she sent me this email:

    My dear Efren,
    You are a good man! lt’s very sad that l could not meet up with my trip to see you inperson. l am very sad and my mood is not ok too! Actually l didn’t know that l will have such amount before l could travel out. The immigration officers said that l should possess enough money before l could travel out of china. 20,000 yuan minimun, equivalent of 3,000 dollars!
    l told them that l have some one to take care of me and l am going as a tourist, but l was made to understand that it’s neccessary l should have the money before l could board in! Dear Efren this is so sad for me because l didn’t have such amount!
    l want to give you all my heart and soul Efren! We are yet to meet inperson and you are showing me a lot of care! May God bless you for me!
    Yesterday my uncle was able to give me 10,000 yuan, equivalent of 1,500 dollars and if l add your, then all the money l have now is 1,700 dollars. l still need about 1,300 dollars to complete the whole amount, then my trip will be possible!
    l really want to make this trip because l have invested all my time, and energy into it. Of course l desire to meet you too dear Efren.
    lf you can get this amount for me, then when l arrived in merida, you will have it back and return to the owners in case you borrowed it from someone.
    l will be so glad if you can do this for our own happiness and future! lf everything works out fine, then l will reconfirm my ticket tomorrow. Let me know what you think ok!
    l will send you text messages tonight.
    l wish you a very happy and peaceful day!

    You judge this matter.
    Hoping that this is helpful to other men, i say goodbye.
    Greetings, efren.


      This rule applies to all situation, no matter how pretty or convincing the girl is. There are professional scammers that know exactly what to say to trigger love-sick foreigners to send money overseas. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM.

      -Nils (Dr.Smile)

  • There is a large series of inter-connected sites, owned by Russians, that are set up strictly to make money by charging translation fees with fake ladies. This company is called ‘Interlingvo’. Asiansweetlove is one of these, and there are HUNDREDS more.

    Never use the in house translation service on any dating site. If you can’t pick and pay for a translator of your choice, independent of the site, or one the ‘lady’ suggests, you are probably getting scammed.
    chinalove also has problems with this type of scam, but it may be due to activity by fraudulent INDEPENDENT agencies that operate within Chinalove.

    With Chinese ladies, you may also be talking through a ‘translator/broker’, a person who will write emails for the lady, and often the lady has no input. If the lady marries the man….then the translator/broker gets paid. SO, they only get paid if the lady marries a suitor they’ve arranged and translated for. The translator/brokers also do a lot of fraudulent stuff to get a guy to China to meet a lady. ‘Bait and switch’ is common. The guy gets off the plane to meet ‘his love’, and is met by the Translator/Broker with a girl different than in the pictures he’s been sent, and who he thought he had been writing to. ‘You no like? I have other girl you no like this one.’

    Do your homework, guys….

  • max

    what do you know about Could that be categorized as a scam web? You actually have to buy credits to have your emails translated…and the women who answer back also use your credits to translate their answer to your emails…the correspondence can become pretty expensive….what do you do? You can get their address but they dont have a translation service after you get out of the website!!

  • I’ve had a few (about 4 I guess) Scam 419s (Google it!) and I haven’t been using online dating long. What really sucks is that you spend time (and emotional energy) getting to know ‘someone’, who seems interested in you, only to then realise that it’s been a waste of time as they’re just out to get your money…

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