Poll: What Asian Country has the Most Beautiful Girls?

Stop the press!  The survey results are in!

list of most beautiful women in Asia

SURVEY: What country has the most beautiful women?

It is now offical – Asia’s most beautiful girls come from the Philippines!  (At least according to our recent survey from members on our dating web site, meetAsianBabes.com.

Frankly, I was disappointed that Thailand girls did not win this poll, as I think the Thai girls are a little taller and just as pretty as any other Asian girl. Oh well, Thailand came in at number two position.

Here are the results.  Congratulations to the Filipina girls!  They had almost 3 times the votes (43%) compared to the second place winner, Thailand (16%).

cute Filipinas shopping in Manila

A couple of cute Filipinas shopping in Manila

I know it is not easy to start a long-distance relationship (initially) with a hot Asian women, but you may increase your chances, if you just follow the survey results and choose one of the top countries from our membership poll.

Please leave any comments you may have below.

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-Dr. Smile

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10 comments to Poll: What Asian Country has the Most Beautiful Girls?

  • david

    Viva filipinas. That’s why i love my filipina wife she’s beautiful inside and outside, she’s only 23 years old but she’s very mature. She take care of me and our 2 child very well filipina they really mean when they love you, J am very happy with her i didn’t have money but she still stay with me, now i realize is not all about money in Philippines. Thats why i can’t live without her… Thailand waaaah good luck i had very bad experience with thai women.. sorry to say that thai girls.. 🙂
    Good luck to your website Dr.Smile.

  • NGS

    I totally agree and I am not surprised either! To me Filipinas are the best of all Asian girls! (If not the world) Especially for Western Men! I know there are beautiful women in all countries, but Filipino girls have a lot going for them! They have that wonderful mix of Asian Latin races, that Filipino way of being so Sexy and Cute at the same time! They are Loyal, Fun Loving, and very very loving to their men! They are usually great cooks, and love to make warm cozy homes for their men and family! If they are from the provinces even more so, they tend to be more tradition and value their Husbands and Family above all wealth and material things! What a wonderful admirable trait in these days of ME ME ME!

    I know there are scammers out there, but not just in the Philippines! Other countries all have the same! Thailand, Viet Nam, Korea, China, Russia, East European! Anywhere there are poor girls you will come across these types. However, if you go to a reputable Filipino dating site and look at the Filipina’s bios, all these girls want is a stable loving man that will treat them with respect and love them for whom they really are! In return they will love their men 10 fold and do anything to please them and make a warm loving home for them and their children! If you are truly looking for a true lasting relationship, then a Filipino woman will do it for you!

    I know I married one! She is the most adorable woman I have known! So loving and caring! She is so very refreshing in her simple ways, unlike Western Woman! I can’t say enough about her warm Love! She is from the provinces which makes her even more loving and traditional! So too are her friends, all sweet Filipinas. Anyone of them would make a man very happy!

    As you may have noticed, I have posts in other subjects regarding Filipino around this blog. I have dated other races but Filipina’s are the best hands down!


  • scooby

    I am not surprised about the results at all. Filipina women are beautiful, hot and fun. They definitly crush the competition easily in Asia.


    Thank you a lot. I’m actually half filipina half french so I’m a mixed.But i always thought that my french side was the source of my looks, and now i know that filipina’s are in fact beautiful women. My grandma always told me that, but i thought it was just “grandmother talk”.
    Thanks again Dr. Smile,

  • Jussi

    Why is Korea not on the list?!
    I’m from Finland so I’m not biased or anything.
    I have a question. Is this about the country with most beautiful women or the country with the most beautiful women.

    Type SNSD into Youtube. I know you know them already though, especially if you live in South East Asia.
    Try “Genie”
    They will [deleted] blow your mind.

  • Congrats to Filipina girls! Indeed, I myself agree that Filipina is a real beauty, not only outside but also inside. This is just one of the proofs that Dating Asian women really worth.



  • Hi Dr. Smile. Being Filipino for one, I will say I am biased to the Filipina women for her overall attractiveness in terms of looks, attitude, demeanor, and her responsibility towards you. However, let me back that up by saying I have travelled to almost all of the ASEAN Countries already and I still find the Filipina most attractive.

    To quote one of my friends Nash Casten, from the 24/7 Attractive Man, from his article “HOW TO DATE A FILIPINA WOMAN” he says: “Pinay’s want an intriguing man who can make them think and challenge their wits. They want a man who can make them feel alive and excited about life and dating…”

    Fore More Free Tips on How to Date a Filipina, just check out our blog at http://maniladating.net on the latest in the dating scene in the Philippines.

    Thanks Dr. Smile. Will be following this blog for a while.

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