Thai Girls or Filipinas – What is Better?

What SE Asian county has the best girls? To compare Thai girls and Filipinas, I made this short cheat list:

It seems like Thailand has:

A friend from Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok: Ms. K.K. from Thailand

  1. Great infra-structure (roads, electric Skytrain that works, free internet access points all over the city), great shopping selection and reasonable prices.
  2. Delicious Thai food!
  3. Friendly straight Thai girls (girls with day jobs who do not dabble in the nightime/entertainment business), but they appear to be harder to seduce and bed than Filipinas.
  4. Japanese tourists, and a chance to meet Asian females from affluent Japan.
  5. Tall Thai girls that dress like they stepped out of a fashion magazine, even if working in a poor paying office job! —- They spend more money on clothes and grooming than Filipinas.
  6. Taxis that do not look like they are falling apart. And, the average taxi fare is only about a US $1.50.
  7. Streets are safe for walking late at night in any part of the Bangkok city.
  8. The Thai girls do not understand half of what you are saying – because of poor understanding of English, and you will understand even less of what they are saying.


It seems like Philippines has:

  1. Extremely friendly and sexy Filipina girls – but mostly dirt poor.
  2. Some safe parts (like Makati) and other areas of Manila that are not safe.

    A friend from the Philippines

    Cebu: Ms. E. from the Philippines

  3. Always hassled by beggars and kids that ask for money at traffic lights and on the street.
  4. Filipina girls are short – (average height around 4’11”).
  5. Some Filipinas are very cute with mixed Euro or Chinese blood.
  6. Slums and poor people scamming and trying to make a living on internet and elsewhere.
  7. Taxies that have rigged meters or cab drivers that love to take you for unannounced tour around town.
  8. Excellent communications because everyone speaks English.

So, where would you live – Thailand or Philippines?

Do you prefer a country where girls are taller and things work most of the time i.e. phone, electricity, internet etc? —

Or, do you prefer a country with lots of short, cute girls that are extremely friendly, but has poor infrastructure outside a small pocket of Makati in Metro Manila?

What do you think?  Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think of this points.

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PS I have been traveling to the Philippines recently – Makati, Manila, Boracay and Cebu – and I must say the the people are extremely friendly and speak perfect English, anywhere in Philippines.  It is my favorite place at the moment.  Perhaps I will retire to the Philippines? (smile)

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176 comments to Thai Girls or Filipinas – What is Better?

  • Filipinas are loyal,loving,warm and faithful .Have a good upbringing with respect for God.Passionate about life and love.

  • Filipinas are excellent home keepers, they put family first above all,God fearing with deep beliefs,
    loyal and want only one man in thier life,
    they preserve good moral values and respects human dignity. they have strong personality but they have a very tender heart.

  • Pinoy

    My mom married a foreigner and she is Pinay and she said Filipinas that marry white men do it mainly for financial security. My girlfriend is also Pinay and she said most Filipinas that marry white men are mainly after money. Even if money is the priority that does not mean there is no love. Just be careful and maybe you might find a Pinay that loves you more then your money.

  • Been to Phuket Island a couple of times now, first time was in May 2002, then back at New Year 2009. What a great holiday spot! It caters for everyone: if your searching for cordial locals there is plenty of them, if your looking for healthy thai food there is quite a little and night life is astonishing. If you want a cheap holiday, you can have it – if you desire a expensive vacation, you can have it also. My wife is totally in love with the place and has just bought into a bar over there. My children love it too. What a wonderful place to celebrate Songkran!

  • Peter

    Hi Len, Believe me my story is real and not accelerated. What I am just doing is sharing my personal experience and my very own point of view.

  • len1978

    Hi Peter, really? it seems like your only making stories. But anyway to tell you frankly not all filipina are nagger like your wife as you said. I am a filipina but i don’t nag. It depends on the person attitude. Like Americans there are also a nagger women out there in your country. No only in our country but all over the world. Why you married a filipina if you think you like a different position in bed, I guess you also thought your wife how to do it. communication is important. Your so funny. I don’t believe your story anyway.

  • Peter

    I am married to a sexy filipina for 22 years but have to admit that my wife if it comes to sex is not very adventurous. She likes to be screwed 3 times a day and is very faithful but is pretty much limited and even does not like to give me a blowjob. What turns me on with Thai girls is that they are more easy going and extremely sexy. If I ask my wife to wear high heels she is nagging the hole day and clamours that she can not walk with them while Thai girls seems never to have a problem like this. If you are able to win the heart of a Filipina girl truly she will normally stay with you forever which is not so easy with a Thai girl. What I hate with Filipina is that they have a tendency to do a lot of nagging in the relationship and regularily play drama, shout and make you the asshole. However after each quarrel they want to be screwed and instead of nagging they whisper in your ear ” You know darling I love you so much…..”

  • john

    DR. Smile, Thank you for your support filipinas seem more humble cute and pretty,very down to earth, simple life, hope to rescue one from the phillipines , in fact I as of now friends of a philippino email and 1 phone conversation so far, and she will be my tour guide when I visit her in paradise!

  • xico

    filipinas are the best for LT ( in philippines)
    thais for ST ( in thailand)

    filipinas dream to leave their country,
    thais not.

    filipinas, are the «best» asian girls to scam by net with their sob-stories,
    thais not. perhaps, they do not know english enough for it 🙂
    but, they will suck your money in the land of smile

    asia is just nice place to get holidays or to get honeymoon with our western wives

  • len1978

    Hi i just read all the opinions here about thai women and philippine women. I concluded the kind of conclusion above is so racist.We admit the fact that anywhere in the world there are some of women who after only the money, and not only in the philippines. It is so unfair Dr Smile that you will Generalize all the women here in the philippines. I personaly never ask a money to my Texan boyfriend instead i’ll be the one who sent him a gifts during special occassions. And that is unconditional because i love him so much. I know you were promoting your site but it doesnt mean you will say something too personal about us filipinos. Did u really know indiviual of us in your own deep research?. Why you make a research too about those foreign men who maltreat their asian wife after they got married. Are you willing to share that story too?. Its so unfair coz its only a one sided story that everyone knows. I have a filipina friend married a man from texas he maltreat her and dump her like a beggar because he said that my friend cant adjust the environment in texas. What a narrow minded thinker. How can u adjust easily for only 3 months of stay. It takes time. I hope you had to make an equal judgement here not only a negative sides but the positive sides too.

  • anna

    Thai girls and Phil girls all guys talking about it. no body talk about Indonesian girls, i think Indonesia quite famous in tourism with Bali island.. but i guess none of Indonesian cn be hotter then thai and phil girls

  • Matthew Easton

    I flew from BKK to Khon Kaen and was met by a girl I had spoke to on the phone (for the first time) days before. I hired a car and then drove 180km to her home. It was decided (without my knowledge) that we would all go to dinner that night. So, I drove another 60km back in the direction we came to Roi Et, with 14 people in 2 cars. After a full-on feast, I was handed the bill! “Check bin carb” Its “NAM JAI” get used to and accept it, thats Thailand! After dinner, I drove the 60km back to the girls place, dropped my 5 passengers off and then drove the same 60km back to Roi Et, to finaly get to my hotel at 12.30am and 360kn later. The next morning, we drove (you guessed it) the same 60km back to her home….and so it went on for 4 days and nights, ’til I got sick of it. I then flew back to BKK on a scheduled business jet…cheapest part of the trip!

  • Matthew Easton

    I have been to Thailand 11 times and stayed at all the recognised “tourist haunts” Nana in BKK, Pattaya, Phuket and Chang Mai. I was also married to a Thai girl for 5 years. Hey single man! If you dont have a two pockets full of cash and loaded credit card…..stay home!! Drinking in the bars of Thailand is not cheap, expect Western prices or higher on the main tourist strips, but dont worry, you wont drink by yourslf for long, company is right there waiting to help you “relieve your pockets of all the excess weight” So, reach in for “ladies drinks” and not just the one sitting with you, her “lonely” girlfriends (who has not met their daily quota of suckers like you!) need to drown their sorrows also! Whilst you are being “touched-up on the leg” (a free sample of later possible action at your hotel) you are also being “touched-up in the pocket, vai those little paper slips in the plastic cup on your table! So what, who’s counting! The mama-san behind the bar, thats who! That will be an extra BHT600 “bar fine” for the girl to leave the bar for your hotel for 2 hours (or less) PS – dont forget the BHT2000 for the bar girl when she leaves you high (and dry) at your room!kop kun Carb! What! you thought it was going to be a nice cheap afternoon!

  • james

    I think it depends on what you’r after. I have spent time around Thais and Philippinas but find the Phili girls to be much sweeter & fairer in their dealings with you than Thais who are generally nasty selfish liars just after your money only.

    My friend wanted to marry a Thai & she wanted $14,000 dowry & she was only a soi 6 Pattaya whore!

    If your serious about a relationship I suggest taking your time, looking at the girl & her family properly , make sure she loves YOU & not just your Money.

    Phili girls rule – Thai girls suck!

  • blezz

    we dont need to compare thai and filipinas,,, both have good characteristics and flaws..if ever there are westerners who had bad experience with both girls from both countries, i think its so unfair to those like us who are not after just those money and gifts they are talking. maybe you had also read that there are some successful stories of those partners who met in dating sites. so i think or i could advise to those westerners to be cautious or be careful and be observant on planning to have a gf or wife from both countries… im proud to say that im a filipina and i never ask money from any man i talk in the net…and plsssss.. there are lot of westerners also who are bad and fooling us…god bless everyone….

  • ace

    Jay, well put. I think “Phil” has western penis envy. Sorry Phil, please don’t fault us westerners for taking all the best girls from Asia from you. If you were secure at all with your manhood we would not be having this conversation. Back on topic, I think girls from the PI are the most gorgeous women in the world. I would never go back to white, fat, and unappreciative girls. Pinays rock!

  • jay

    Were not all ugly smelly fat useless desperate old wankers, so dont tar all people with the same brush, im young slim handsome and good looking you slutty flat chested little dwarf gook you

  • Phil Maud

    I am married to the most beautiful filipino in this world..and now the money has run out so has she.. is that all they are really after.. money, and gifts…I feel so de-graded by her actions in the past 6 months towards both myself and my whole family and yet they make you believe that the family comes first..

  • smart asian girl

    white men, go back to your country and fuck your mama. thailand and the philippines do not welcome nasty tourists like you. if you think your sex’s so damn great, know that you’re being fooled by those street whores. you know they make fun of your stupidity and big belly and hairy asshole and smelly armpits while they’re behind your back. without money they will just dump you like they dump poor white trash. and stop whining when street whores oversmart you. i’ve seen so many pathetic white trash in pattaya being murdered naked by those asian whores they bed with. i have no pity for them at all cos that’s exactly what they deserve. we know we’re great, and we don’t need your ugly white cocks and goddamn pot bellies you know that?

  • There is a common misunderstanding that filipinos speak English. They do not. They speak not very approximate pidjin English. When learning a second language it is common to find the nearest words in your own language and then think they correspond to those in the language you are trying to learn. I lived in the Philippines for nearly 4 years and eventually had to bring my children out so they could get a worthwhile education and learn to speak English. Sadly filipinos are so immaturely arrogant that they think they can tell an Englishman that they speak his language better than he does. My daughter was regularly tested in ‘English’ at school and many questions were impossible to answer if you actually spoke English rather than filipino pidjin. I’ve read books on Filipino history written in ‘English’ by senior academics and there were whole paragraphs that were impossible to understand unless you spoke pidjin. It is one of the multiplicity of delusions that filipinos live under.

  • Toadilyinsan

    It looks like Dr. Love is trying to get a job with Fox News. Your 8 steps are a bit leading. Please try to be more neutral next time. As for tall Thai girls, most tall ones have a slinky in there pants or had one at one time.

  • Alexander Gomes

    Filipina are beutiful and careing loving, I have studied in the Philippines and had a chance to stay with a Filipino Family, they are so nice if they are freindly to you, if there is any one wants to contact me please feel free to write me.

  • They are both equal because they are both Asian. Asian women are really the best. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • darn it! for me i prefer pretty cute filipinas than other asian women i have dated a filipina and they are so sweet and shes not 4’11 she’s 5’7 actually. here’s one filipinas tend to be more smarter or shall we say a head amongst women in asia in terms of daily life. my output would be i’d rather date a cute filipina signing off….


  • I can’t compare girls vs filipinas because what matter is the love you felt. If you think chinese girls are better for you! Then go for it. Take your chance!

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