Thai Girls or Filipinas – What is Better?

What SE Asian county has the best girls? To compare Thai girls and Filipinas, I made this short cheat list:

It seems like Thailand has:

A friend from Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok: Ms. K.K. from Thailand

  1. Great infra-structure (roads, electric Skytrain that works, free internet access points all over the city), great shopping selection and reasonable prices.
  2. Delicious Thai food!
  3. Friendly straight Thai girls (girls with day jobs who do not dabble in the nightime/entertainment business), but they appear to be harder to seduce and bed than Filipinas.
  4. Japanese tourists, and a chance to meet Asian females from affluent Japan.
  5. Tall Thai girls that dress like they stepped out of a fashion magazine, even if working in a poor paying office job! —- They spend more money on clothes and grooming than Filipinas.
  6. Taxis that do not look like they are falling apart. And, the average taxi fare is only about a US $1.50.
  7. Streets are safe for walking late at night in any part of the Bangkok city.
  8. The Thai girls do not understand half of what you are saying – because of poor understanding of English, and you will understand even less of what they are saying.


It seems like Philippines has:

  1. Extremely friendly and sexy Filipina girls – but mostly dirt poor.
  2. Some safe parts (like Makati) and other areas of Manila that are not safe.

    A friend from the Philippines

    Cebu: Ms. E. from the Philippines

  3. Always hassled by beggars and kids that ask for money at traffic lights and on the street.
  4. Filipina girls are short – (average height around 4’11”).
  5. Some Filipinas are very cute with mixed Euro or Chinese blood.
  6. Slums and poor people scamming and trying to make a living on internet and elsewhere.
  7. Taxies that have rigged meters or cab drivers that love to take you for unannounced tour around town.
  8. Excellent communications because everyone speaks English.

So, where would you live – Thailand or Philippines?

Do you prefer a country where girls are taller and things work most of the time i.e. phone, electricity, internet etc? —

Or, do you prefer a country with lots of short, cute girls that are extremely friendly, but has poor infrastructure outside a small pocket of Makati in Metro Manila?

What do you think?  Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think of this points.

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PS I have been traveling to the Philippines recently – Makati, Manila, Boracay and Cebu – and I must say the the people are extremely friendly and speak perfect English, anywhere in Philippines.  It is my favorite place at the moment.  Perhaps I will retire to the Philippines? (smile)

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176 comments to Thai Girls or Filipinas – What is Better?


  • Pearl


    I am Pearl from Thailand. It’s hard to answer the topic. The girls from Thailand and Phillippines have the bad and good as well. Who can found his good partner that is very lucky. It’s not easy to find the right partner. Who can found, is very lucky 🙂

    It’s not wrong that Thai girls who come from the poor family become the prostitutes for her family. Because they are uneducated. They can’t speak English as well. That is not the big problem for making your family. “Life is learning” and “Learning English is not too hard to do”

    Furthermore, you have to know “Most of Thais are the Chinese or half of as well as Filipinas” except the northeastern people.

    Most of Thai women who get marry with the foreigner or to be the prostitutes are from the northeast of Thailand. There are the poorest and uneducatedest part in Thailand. 25-30% of Thais can speak English very well. Unfortunately the most are in BKK.

    So please judge all Thai girls are prostitutes and uneducated because you are not know us well!

    @Looking for Miss Right

    I am Catholic and wanna give you an advice! Most of Thais are Buddhist as you know. So finding the Catholic girl who wants to have the foreigner b/f is very hard.

    Most of Catholic people are in Bangkok. So if you want to find Thai catholic woman, I advice you to come here and join our Sunday mass. The dating website can not help you find your right partner. Because the dating online sites are not popular in Thailand.

    God bless you


  • gelly lizaso

    hello good day. I am gelly from philippines. Just wanted to say that above article is really true. Philippines is not so safe to live especially manila These are still some places that are nice to live.
    Thai girls are a bit similar on those filipina who are living in cebu especially their eyes. Most of the filipinas are spanish descendant some of us have bigger eyes than thai girls. I like thailand its nice country.

  • Its interesting what you wrote, I am looking for a Thai Catholic woman between the ages of 25 and 32 I am 36 last relationship i had was with Filipina who was 41, first off she lied about her religious beliefs which is very important for me. Please help

  • kev

    I can talk on what i know same old story if you hangaround bars you can get burnt im married to a THAI lady 22 years younger than me when i met her family in the village i was prepared to be treated like a ATM machine but that didnt happen at all my wife asks for nothing from here in NZ so basically if you meet a THAI girl and want to be serious with her meet her family how they are is how she will be im lucky ive a great wife and lovely inlaw family in thailand

  • Chica Mami

    It’s kinda cool reading the comments here. Shows how different people have different tastes;D..but anyways having to live in Thailand for 13 yrs..I could say that Thai women are more happy-go-lucky type..they want luxurious stuffs and they’ll get it if they want it. Although, they are alot of pretty thais as well, they are just really skinny because of their food which are spicy & they love eating vegetables big time!! If you find one good Thai woman..she’s rare but a true keeper!

    Filipinas on the other hand(I’m half filipina half spanish..I suffer nationality crisis all d time due to people not really knowing where im from by looking at me:P)…back to d topic:P FILIPINAS are submissive and emotional but values religion and culture..more curves, more to love:P..although they tend to really go nuts when u fool them.

    Anyways, you really have to be in both of the countries to know..u cnt judge FILIPINAS & THAIS just by having 2-4 friends or ex gfs..u gotta be in the place to know their true ways!!!;D

  • i wish you a lot of sucess. but do not dream too much about it, about long distance relationship.
    there is not any paradise on the earth neither angels.
    and i am sure they will love you,and you will discover there is so soulmate for you.
    besides you are Norwegian… got it?
    take your time and enjoy Philippines

  • Phil

    Norwegian34 – Good for you! My plans are much like yours and I am Philippine bound myself. Few Thai girls have any written English. It is as difficult for them to learn as it is for us to learn Thai. You need to go to Thailand to meet Thai girls. I am now reading and learning everything I can about the Philippines. I know it will be very different from where I live, but I think I’m going to like it!

  • norwegian34

    i have never been to SEA but i have been busy on the online datingsites for the last months. meeting a thai is difficult, i dont know how to speek thai. but filipinas WOW they are the nicest girls in the world!!! so,,im packing my bags to live in phil for 6 months,,i cant wait to go

  • kk

    I dont know much about filippinas.I am teacher.I used to have 4 filipina freinds.They were freindly but the thing i noticed from them is to be jealous and like to gossip Thais so much even thought they live in Thailands.They are not good with Thais even Thais treat them as well.I dont know that men who find gf/wife filippinas or Thais…Please Dont think that Thais have the same personalities.My bf is westurn guy too.He still says that Thais is better than Filippina in many ways.Philippines are better than thailand for 2 things are the cost for living and English(Phlippines used to be the colony)..something like that

  • candy

    The truth is Asian women are shallow, provincial and after you for either your money or for a way out of their own poor country. Most men who go to Asia for women are not very good looking and can’t get a beautiful women in their own countries. We all know (I’ve lived all over Asia) that once these very unattractive and shallow men arrive in Asia, they become popular for the first time in their lives with women. Of course they are going to decide that they are the most beautiful women, they’re the only women that will have you. But, don’t expect intelligent conversation or worldly girls, if you did want that you’d have to go back to a western country for educated women. Some men just don’t want a woman they can talk to or have intelligent conversation with. They want a trophy. I know so many men that have been scammed by women, (behave like girls, they are very immature) online in the Philippines and in Thailand. Shallow men for shallow women – match made in heaven!

  • lyn

    the comparisons are biased actually. you focused too much on the disadvantages in the phils well in fact phils is more livable.

  • to Phil,

    well I’m proud to be an Ilongga.I am native of Bacolod City,Negros Occidental.BUt currently live in Cebu for just a month.THen by July i will fly back to Manila.Anyway,I’m glad you find Ilongga girls nice and sweet.but i think Filipinas are really sweet..You just be careful enough to choose.Anyway u dont have to choose,you already have right?Goodluck..

  • Phil

    O.K. Ericka, I’ll put it on my list of places to visit. I had to look it up to have any idea where Pampanga was. I saw pictures of a lot of beautiful churches there and then learned there was a casino as well. It seems you have a little bit of everything there! 🙂 It’s nice to read the comments from some good-hearted Filipinas here! I’ve got the feeling I’m going to love your country!

  • Erica

    what an interesting thread.. hi Mr. Phil, visit pampanga. lots of delicious foods here. angeles city is ok but don’t go where the cabarets are..go to resto bars instead..fine dinning..bring your wifey 🙂 btw im a Filipina

  • Naveed

    I am currently having affair with Filipino girlfriend, she is really caring and loving in person.She never ask any money, I really love her.

  • Phil

    Well thank you Rozi! That was sweet that you wrote and offered encouragement. Yes, she is Ilonga but I have SO much to learn about the Philippines I’m not exactly sure just what that signifies. A beautiful country (despite some inconveniences in infrastructure) and also very affordable when compared to the U.S.. This alone is a big attraction for me (living on a fixed income). It took some time and patience to find a good and loving partner, but that’s not an easy thing to do anywhere! Thanks Dr. Love, for hosting this site. It has been helpful for me!

  • TO Phil,,I guess ur Gf is an ilongga<if she came from bacolod city or ilo sure she is sweet..its nice to hear that u are having a good relationship with her….Nice job..

  • Phil

    My “affair” with a girl from the Philippines is going nicely so far(after my problems in Thailand). I sent this girl some money and she opened a little store for us (instead of just spending the money on herself, as I think most Thai girls would have done). I’m now trusting her more and more since she has proven herself to be hard working, trustworthy, and to have a good head for business. We are now opening an internet cafe (with 17 computers) in Manila and are buying a lot in Ilo Ilo where we plan to marry, build a house, and live. I kinda miss the pretty (and sexy) Thai girls but in the long run I now see how important it is to speak the same language!

  • Hi Guys,i read all the comments above,and its good to hear all your opinions.Well,I believe that there are bad and good people around the u better be careful to choose..And for filipinas,i believe that they are a good wife,if you find a good one.Not all filipinas are good,there are bad be cautious enough.Im a filipina,and i have a White bf from USA.He is 17years older than me,,BUt I really love him so much..I never ask him to send me money.BUT he did,,And its true..i am not lying..He gave me money because he knows i need it.But everytime he ask me if i still have enough $ to be use for my personal needings,i always said yes.even though my pocket is,i would like to comment on those who wrote something about their bad experience with a filipina gf/wife,please,dont generalized all of us.There are still good one here..I wish u could find it…Good luck on searching…

    To Dr.Smile,
    I appreciate your research,even though most grades comes to a thai..well,,its ur opinion,and good to know u had an ex thai gf.My boyfriend EX wife was a thai too.they been married for 10 years and get divorce..But their story is not really very clear to me,as my Bf dont want to talk about exes..Can u do a research too,,whos marriage is successful?westeners with a thai wife or a filipina wife..
    thank you

  • Naveed

    I been to Phillpines and Thailand both places,I suggest phillipines rocks and Thai sucks, Love you phillipines.

  • Dan

    I have work wiht 3 women from philippines and 2 women from Thailand,If talking about Beautiful sweet sexy and fun..For me there is no doubt about it that thai women is by far better then Filipina,But not sure about wich one is the best wife,
    But from what i see ..I prefer Thai women is the best.

  • Married Man

    Don’t let small communities like Nana and Pattaya give a bad reputation for the rest of the population. My Thai friends are all very respectful, kind, considerate and very caring and I believe this is the norm outside of the tourist areas.

    I believe that most of the bad experiences are from people hanging around the wrong typical areas. If you avoid places like Nana in Bangkok and Pattaya you will find some of the most sincere and sweetest women who aren’t interested in your money. You can’t judge an entire country by the few bad girls you meet in these seedy areas. That is what they are there for, to milk your wallet dry, so who are we to complain about them if we let them.

    If you really want to meet genuine and nice girls avoid these areas at all costs.

    I have married the sweetest Thai woman who has given me nothing but support, financial and mental support when I need it. She would never let me pay for everything and her family never allow me to pay for food even when I offer. They treat me as a guest as do so many other Thai friends of mine and I have a lot of respect for them.

  • john

    you dont have tocompareall the physical outlooks of thai girls and as well as filipinas,focus on the interior characteristics.thai and filipina girls are both kind and nice so no need to expand more.

  • Ossy

    I just got bootted by my thai girlfriend. not because we are not comparttible but for the simple reason that she can go for anything white even if the guy is crazy. I ve heard stories about thai girls , i never believed until it happened to me.thai girls are butterflys all of them.

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