Thai Girls or Filipinas – What is Better?

What SE Asian county has the best girls? To compare Thai girls and Filipinas, I made this short cheat list:

It seems like Thailand has:

A friend from Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok: Ms. K.K. from Thailand

  1. Great infra-structure (roads, electric Skytrain that works, free internet access points all over the city), great shopping selection and reasonable prices.
  2. Delicious Thai food!
  3. Friendly straight Thai girls (girls with day jobs who do not dabble in the nightime/entertainment business), but they appear to be harder to seduce and bed than Filipinas.
  4. Japanese tourists, and a chance to meet Asian females from affluent Japan.
  5. Tall Thai girls that dress like they stepped out of a fashion magazine, even if working in a poor paying office job! —- They spend more money on clothes and grooming than Filipinas.
  6. Taxis that do not look like they are falling apart. And, the average taxi fare is only about a US $1.50.
  7. Streets are safe for walking late at night in any part of the Bangkok city.
  8. The Thai girls do not understand half of what you are saying – because of poor understanding of English, and you will understand even less of what they are saying.


It seems like Philippines has:

  1. Extremely friendly and sexy Filipina girls – but mostly dirt poor.
  2. Some safe parts (like Makati) and other areas of Manila that are not safe.

    A friend from the Philippines

    Cebu: Ms. E. from the Philippines

  3. Always hassled by beggars and kids that ask for money at traffic lights and on the street.
  4. Filipina girls are short – (average height around 4’11”).
  5. Some Filipinas are very cute with mixed Euro or Chinese blood.
  6. Slums and poor people scamming and trying to make a living on internet and elsewhere.
  7. Taxies that have rigged meters or cab drivers that love to take you for unannounced tour around town.
  8. Excellent communications because everyone speaks English.

So, where would you live – Thailand or Philippines?

Do you prefer a country where girls are taller and things work most of the time i.e. phone, electricity, internet etc? —

Or, do you prefer a country with lots of short, cute girls that are extremely friendly, but has poor infrastructure outside a small pocket of Makati in Metro Manila?

What do you think?  Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think of this points.

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PS I have been traveling to the Philippines recently – Makati, Manila, Boracay and Cebu – and I must say the the people are extremely friendly and speak perfect English, anywhere in Philippines.  It is my favorite place at the moment.  Perhaps I will retire to the Philippines? (smile)

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176 comments to Thai Girls or Filipinas – What is Better?

  • lulu

    And as an Asian woman myself, neither Filipino nor Thai, I’d like to include my opinion as follow, because I’m so sick of men talk so highly of Filipino women.

    First of all, I do think Filipino women have lots of wify qualities; they can cook and clean, and are family oriented. So yes, they do make some good wives for a lot of losers who can’t afford to hire filipino maids. But that’s it all they got going for them. They have to be sweet cuz they know they are not very smart people and only thing they got is depend on men in their life. They’re either very white wash, or black or spanish influence, never have their own pride, culture to offer. No identity. And i find a lot of them like to lie too.

    Sure, I’ve seen some cute, sexy Flips…but for some reasons they all look kind of “dirty” to me. Like they can only look dirty sexy, never classy and elegant like the Chinese or Korean etc.

    In my opinion, Thai girls are more beautiful. I know there aren’t that many Thai people living in the west like the Filipino, so many of you only judge them by what you hear about Thailand like the sex trades and ladyboys etc. But if you really dig into the Thai history, and culture, there are many beautiful and intelligent Thai women there, such as both miss universe 1965 and 1988, Apasra Hongsakula and Porntip Nakhirunkanok. They are both very smart women. One has became a very successful business woman, and the other is known for her many charity works for Thailand. And let not forget the current prime minister Yingluck who is one classy and smart woman.

    On the other hands, both miss universe 1969 and 73 (both Filipinos) one went on got married and had kids, the other became an actress and was so dumb she recently declared as an “unwelcome person” in Cebu.

    So that is my opinion, coming from a woman who loves looking at beautiful women lol But i know you men would think differently.

  • lulu

    Lol @ Andrew. Thailand won miss universe twice!

    They won long before the Philippines did! Matter of fact, the first Thai miss universe, Apasra Honsakula was one of the judges during the miss universe in 1973, which she was responsible for crowning the first philippines miss universe in 73.

  • Nasa

    Thai women are more beautiful than Philipino girls. They are darker than thai girls. Philippino girls go for old men and money. Thai girls won ms. pagent. I don’t agree with all of your comments. Some of my friends who married a girl from Philippino divorce their wife because the wife withdrawls money and move back to their country. They go for an old man and money.

  • Nasa

    Thai women are more beautiful than Philipino girls. They are darker than thai girls. Philippino girls go for old men and money. Thai girls won ms. pagent. I don’t agree with all of your comments. Some of my friends who married a girl from Philippino divorce their wife because the wife withdrawls money and move back to their country. They go for an old man and money.

  • Peter

    Pinays are for sure the better girls to get married to because they are probably still more loving and caring while Thai girls tend to be more after your money. Nevertheless in respect of true beauty my reading is. Go to any street in the Philippines and watch the girls.

    The ratio is 15 % are beautiful and 85 % are ugly. Go on any street in Thailand and watch the girls there and the ratio is 85% are beautiful and 15% are ugly.

    Thai girls know how to make it they can walk in high heels for 100 miles while every Pinay girl will complain after only 100 meters. The problem is Pinay girls cannot accept that Thailand is the better place.

    Like it or not The Philippines are still the shit hole of Asia and will remain this forever.

  • andrew

    i think filipino girls are way more beautiful,ive never heard of any thai women winning miss universe or any prestigious beauty competition i only heard of transgender competitions.

    i must say thai transgenders are beautiful but the women?

    hmmm i prefer filipino women,i think you’ve only seen filipino women from the slums but if you go to makati or any other nice place you will be amazed on how beautiful these women are 🙂

  • david

    The philippines for me. You can have all the infrastructure you want in Thailand, but if you don’t have the right girl that means nothing.
    i have had a few thai gf’s and all of them are money orientated!! They may say that they do not want money but that is just to put you off the reality.
    Whereas philippinos basically start off with affection and fi=un and laughs, of course money is important because they are all poor, but it is not their first choice.
    On several occaisions when i gave money to my gf she has said what is this for I cannot accept and maked me keep it for her.
    then a fter afew days i take her to western union and say to her ‘send it to mamma”
    Ok Philippinos still have the jealousy factor and these strange moods that a lot of asian girls have but all in all they are a far better bet!!

  • Jon

    Well, I have dated several Thai girls and several Filipinas and I am sorry but there is no comparison.

    Filipinas are cute, cuddly, romantic and loveable whilst most Thai girls I met had the personality of a Latex doll. I may be biased I admit because I am Roman Catholic like Filipinas.

    Sure Thailand is vastly more advanced in terms of infrastructure etc than the Philippines and probably safer but they speak perfect English in the Philippines and it’s a lot cheaper.

    So both countries have their advantages and disadvantages.

    I am now getting married to a Filipina but I am sure there are lots of nice Thai girls, I was probably just unlucky in not meeting any.

  • Lam

    Thailand is better than the Philippines. I found Thailand is the best, people are nice, they (Thai) even smile to Chinese from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

    I know some of the Thai people interest in Japanese but some are not.

    Caucasians, you need to think about Thai is better or Filipina are better, I already found my answer.

    If you think Filipina are better than Thai peoples? Okay, go ahead, I don’t stop because this is your choice.

    As a HK Chinese boy who love Chinese and Japanese, I won’t change it and ever ask me change. I help you prefer Thai people but you don’t like it, that’s okay. Go whatever you like.

  • I would go with the ladies from the Philippines…most speak good English and many are very attractive.

  • Difficult choice…but the Philippines being supposedly so POOR has some very FRIENDLY and PRETTY women.

  • Bill

    One more story. ;o)

    I enjoy Fillipino women – they are very bright and cute and friendly. But I grow suspicious when they start asking me for more than just to pay for dinner and drinks much like the Korean and Chinese women do.

    So I have found a young Thai lady and we talk every day. She is an entreprenour in her village in the NE part of the country. I am not rushing into anything but she has become my favorite. We corresponded via email after I met her on a Thai dating site for a few months and then I went to visit her. I especially like that Thai women are taller, (she is 5’7″) and this Thai beauty has never been married, she introduced me to her Grandmom and sister, (her parents are deceased) and has never asked me for anthing except to visit her. Her spoken english is not as great as the Fillipino girls I have known, but with my translator book we manage to communicate. She is very hospitable and likes being my guide as we tour places in Thailland. It is a beautiful country.

    I have been working in various Asian couintries for several years like Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and often visit, Viet Nam, Thailland and the Phillipines. I am American (Irish Ancestry) but I have come to be very attracted to her Thai culture and gentle feminity. I am not sure if she will ever want to permanently relocate to the US, but I believe that we will work things out.

    Just one more story .. Bill

  • filipinagirl

    I just want you guys to know,that both nationalities have good and bad traits.

    Whatever thai’s are doing ,filipina’s do to.

    Being a poor is not a sin,since we all knew what kind of political system that we are having.And it is not fair to speak in generally what brought these women to act such.Everyone has their own stories.Either be because they want to be financially secured or they really loved the person who can give them a better life,let us not be the judge.We can not just write something stupid like this,which shows so much of being unfair to us Filipinos.

    We are hardworking,we may never care about the looks,coz instead of using money for accessories,make up,heels and designers clothes,we preferred using the money for something worth of the fruit of our sweat for.Like food and education,acommodation and health.Beauty is just skin deep.But in general,as I have been here in Thailand for almost 9 yrs now,thai’s (mostly)have always been running for money from foreigners,most of them are using those poor people in exchange of their body and after that,they will leave the guy or they have another guy to hang on with.

    I didn’t meant to disrespect but this is the ugly truth coz I have thai friends and this is what they do.They can’t remain faithful to only one person and even with their own marriage,they can make it easier to separate with the one they vowed their marriage with.So what if they do it?

    just be thankful if they haven’t crossed your way and please,the next time u compare them,be more broad minded and don’t just compare base on your observation alone .

    Thais are not as family oriented as filipinos are.

    • I fully agree that Filipinas are much better for long-term relationships.

      But Thais are much better with a good personal presentation, fun, good food and better infra-structure (for example internet and mobile phone services).

      It depends what you are looking for…

  • anon

    Thai girls are much better. Filipino girls are fun, very loving and great to be around, but I’ve never had a Thai woman ask me for anything, even though I know they have been struggling. Filipino’s on the other hand don’t think twice before asking for financial help. I am close friends with a Filipino woman who tells me her family burden her often with financial requests, so it seems asking for financial help isn’t limited to foreigners of the Philippines. It appears to be commonplace amongst Filipinos themselves and is more of a cultural thing.

    Anyway to the point, while I know Filipino girls are lovely and great company I prefer Thai women. I have known many Thai people and have yet to experience anything negative, well nothing out of the ordinary. In fact Thai women have been nothing but sweet, conservative, loving and helpful. If I were to ask any of my Thai friends, I know they would go out of their way to help me but I wouldn’t expect the same from my Filipino friends.

    As for the poster above, success is measured in different ways. Not everyone is driven by money or is career orientated. Success in life for many is finding a balance and learning to be content with what you have have and be happy. Ask people how they define success and you will find people answer differently. You do come across a little arrogant in your comment.

    Having said that, I do agree the Filipino girl shouldn’t string you along and accept your gifts knowing that she doesn’t love you. I seriously dislike this sort of behaviour and that is why I wouldn’t like to involve myself with such a girl.

  • Nicholas

    I guess I’m torn between two. Who would you chose? The one that you love or the one that loves you?

    The one I love is a Filipino and the one that love me is a Thai. I met both of them in Malaysia where I’m living. I really like the Filipino girl. She is funny and I always feel good when she is around me. We can talk for hours and she brings out the best in me.

    I know in Philippines culture you need to respect and care for the girls family too. I did everything to gain their trust and respect. Sending money, buying things for the whole family and relatives, I even bought a house for them in Davao City where they live. The problem is, I can’t make her love me.

    I know money can’t buy love but why must she ask me to do all the things I did for her and her family? Just don’t understand this part.

    Recently I found out from my friend that, she is also going out with another guy, who even bought her an apartment here in Malaysia. But what I understand from my friend is that, the other guy only taking care of her alone and want her to leave her family and stay with him here in Malaysia. I did confront her and she denies about the apartment and the guy is just a good friend.

    Why can’t she just be honors and just move on from there?

    I’m not going to ask back anything that I gave her or her family. If you want to compare me with the other guy, I’m 15 – 18 years younger than him, I’m better looking than him, I’m more successful than him, if she is really in love with him than she shouldn’t got attached to me right? But why??? Or Am I a victim of a gold digger??

    On the other hand the Thai girl is much more prettier than her and have never ask me for anything. Her family runs a business in Phuket and doing very well. She always buys me presents when ever she is back from Phuket. I really wish I can love her one day but not at this moment.

    My heart is with the Filipino girl.

    The Thai girl without fail will send me love quotes every morning. I have visited her family in Phuket and her parents are really nice people and take a good care of me when I was there. But when I visited the Filipino girls family, they are all about what else I can do for them…LOL.

    So, which culture is better Philippines or Thai?

    This is only my point of view and it is not in general or direct to any individual.

  • Hi,im a filipina woman.I want to share to you guys that filipina women is caring and unselfish.

    I know is a lot of bar womens or not is working to hard for money to feed the parents or brother and sister even sis bro kids.Filipina is not selfish to think herself with the money.

    Sorry to say that more poor womens push them to be bad because of the money to feed the family because that like a tell you that they not selfish.

    The REAL ATTITUDE of Filipina is caring,behave,shy,respect,unselfish,without money will love you.

    They will fight of love to get and marry you guys:) womens is different sometimes bad sometimes.maybe depends how womens grow up!!!

  • i ben to bangkok 3 times and ben rip off in motel and nice one,s no chep the woman all thay is your money no love i date a woman from thailand and sent her 300.00 us every mouth wen i stop sending she toll me she had boyfrend four 2 years and he send her money from us there scam er and bangkok is durty city with rat runing down the strees at night and hiv is 40% over there i am gowing to piillippines to cebu stay out of bangkok in less you want to get rip off the woman are niceer looking

  • cel

    I’m a Filipina and I want to try this kind of dating site (but maybe not) well I’m kinda hesitant because some people here are not real.

    And I’m kinda afraid ‘coz if ever I fall in love (bcoz im serious about it),is there’s a chance that they are also serious.

    I’ve read the others commenting about their experiences and I’m shock on how they have 2 to 3 GFs at the same time. They were angry about the scammers but how about them whom has many GFs and are not serious about the relationship.

    I think love will find you. Love will come in a right place and time that you’ll never know..


    • Meeting people online, or offline – is the same process. You must get to know someone before making any commitments.

      And, when dating online always follow these two rules:

      1) Use a web cam to verify photographs and personality, as soon as possible. To not accept the excuse that they have web cam etc. There are internet shops on almost ever corner in a village and city in the Philippines.

      2) Never send money to people you have not met personally. …Even if you think the girl is your dream-woman.

  • stay away from thai street whore there rip off i met one 2 years she sed i was her boyfrend and she wood stop it cost me obout 20.000 us and she was still fucking on the streets

    thay are no good go to the phillippines thay will take care of you thai just wont your money i found out she had 23 men sending a 100.00 dollars a mouth you do the math

    stay away from them thay will brake your hart stop send money thay will spit on you like shit

  • Daniel

    I must say that there are alot of generalizations in this forum… I have Travelled extensively throughout Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and the Philippines. I love Vietnam as a country the most, but they are all special.

    I have found that like any country in the world, there are good and bad women, those who are concerned mostly with money and those who actually look at the heart of a man. I have seen stunningly beautiful women in all 4 countries and not so beautiful women too. I remember what my mother always told me, See a person for who they are and not what they are, beyond the outer beauty must be a good heart.

    I am from Canada, another country renowned for beautiful women, and honestly, I believe there are more mmoney hungry women here than in Asia, they are just better at hiding it. But I respect what Kev said about his Thai bride, how her family treats you is how she will treat you, and likewise how she treats her family is how she will treat you. I myself am engaged to a filipina, we are of a kindred spirit and have spent a couple years together. I like that she is devotely religious, and tries to live by values from the bible. However if you are not religious, you may be more at ease with a Thai lady as many of them are not religious as such, they are budists. Each culture contains there own special appeals, and good and bad women.

    But no matter what country you are considering to look for that special girl in, remember, there is no such thing as a hooker with a heart of gold..they are only after your gold.

  • HI GUYS I”M BACK AGAIN THIS DEBATE ABOUT THE GIRLS WHEN IT IS ALL BOILED DOWN YOUR CHIOCE MY MATE HERE AGE 54 MET A thai girl here through her aunty her 20 she was studying here she married him thinking he was staying here but he wanted to live up there for all the wrong reasons thinking it was sex paradice she wanted for him to pay her last two years fees when she found out this she up and left him he filed for to it but he is still going up there

  • NGS

    May I say, that these (Negative things you state here maybe true in the Philippines)I have been there and seen it, but that is because they have been more exposed to Western Culture than in Thailand! (Thanks to the Americans) But I think Filipino’s get a bad reputation because of this! I am (Canadian and proud of it) and there are lots of Filipinos here. They are all very polite and proper people. Very Hard working and honest! While they have the American dream in their minds. Husbands and family mean more to them! They have never lost their Filipino roots! They have the most wonderful way about them! Usually very cheerful and able to take what life throws at them in stride!

    The girls especially are unusually very cute and fun loving! Especially if the are from the provinces! They are not spoiled by the big city culture! They have that right mixture of cutest and sexiness that drives Western men crazy for them! While not losing the traditional values of their culture(Pre-American times)they are not afraid to be feminine! They care how they look for their husbands! They don’t mind cooking and cleaning, in fact they are very proud of how their houses look. For a Western man this very refreshing! Women here are for the most part so ultra ME ME ME, it’s sickening! They have forgot how to be women! They have forgotten what makes a man want to stay with them forever! (hence Divorce Divorce Divorce)

    In any case, I think Filipino woman are the best! Because of the reasons I just stated. Also for a Western man they are more accessible and easier to get to know than Thais. You don’t have to worry about language or weather you PO someone in the country and they throw you in jail and throw away the key like in Thailand! Let us not forget the Thai political system is very rigid and controlling and repressive! Not so in the Philippines! They maybe more corruption but at least they are honest about it and are trying to curb it. To me the woman there are a lot more freer and liberated yet still have that wonderful Pinay sprirt!

    I love Filipino girls, so much so I married one! And I never regretted it for one moment! She is the cutest little sweetheart you will ever meet! I never knew women like her existed! If you want to be happy for the rest of your life make a sweet Filipina your wife!


  • gaijin

    Read all comments stories at this web site and making research and reading all true stories about both of country conclusion :

    The Winner PINAY !:)

  • Brad Cramer

    Candy made the must astute point here. How many of the guys who are meeting women
    in Asia are even close to being in a league with beautiful people?. Few if any could
    pass muster with hot women here. Yet they go to Thailand or the Philippines and they are studs.
    Not fat bellied, badly dressed, balding, aging tourists? You are not offering the woman
    much of anything but a sugar daddy. Want to be in demand, not for money?. Stay tuned
    for my next episode.


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