Thai Girls or Filipinas – What is Better?

What SE Asian county has the best girls? To compare Thai girls and Filipinas, I made this short cheat list:

It seems like Thailand has:

A friend from Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok: Ms. K.K. from Thailand

  1. Great infra-structure (roads, electric Skytrain that works, free internet access points all over the city), great shopping selection and reasonable prices.
  2. Delicious Thai food!
  3. Friendly straight Thai girls (girls with day jobs who do not dabble in the nightime/entertainment business), but they appear to be harder to seduce and bed than Filipinas.
  4. Japanese tourists, and a chance to meet Asian females from affluent Japan.
  5. Tall Thai girls that dress like they stepped out of a fashion magazine, even if working in a poor paying office job! —- They spend more money on clothes and grooming than Filipinas.
  6. Taxis that do not look like they are falling apart. And, the average taxi fare is only about a US $1.50.
  7. Streets are safe for walking late at night in any part of the Bangkok city.
  8. The Thai girls do not understand half of what you are saying – because of poor understanding of English, and you will understand even less of what they are saying.


It seems like Philippines has:

  1. Extremely friendly and sexy Filipina girls – but mostly dirt poor.
  2. Some safe parts (like Makati) and other areas of Manila that are not safe.

    A friend from the Philippines

    Cebu: Ms. E. from the Philippines

  3. Always hassled by beggars and kids that ask for money at traffic lights and on the street.
  4. Filipina girls are short – (average height around 4’11”).
  5. Some Filipinas are very cute with mixed Euro or Chinese blood.
  6. Slums and poor people scamming and trying to make a living on internet and elsewhere.
  7. Taxies that have rigged meters or cab drivers that love to take you for unannounced tour around town.
  8. Excellent communications because everyone speaks English.

So, where would you live – Thailand or Philippines?

Do you prefer a country where girls are taller and things work most of the time i.e. phone, electricity, internet etc? —

Or, do you prefer a country with lots of short, cute girls that are extremely friendly, but has poor infrastructure outside a small pocket of Makati in Metro Manila?

What do you think?  Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think of this points.

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PS I have been traveling to the Philippines recently – Makati, Manila, Boracay and Cebu – and I must say the the people are extremely friendly and speak perfect English, anywhere in Philippines.  It is my favorite place at the moment.  Perhaps I will retire to the Philippines? (smile)

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176 comments to Thai Girls or Filipinas – What is Better?

  • to mr magic what u see all the filipina is doing like that? jejjeje i think is much worst all over the country are u blind

  • WhiteDudeInAsia

    surprise…on my side too. as always, it is about finding the people who don’t belong (a thai in philippines, a pinay in Bkk),
    so they are not hampered by their fellow locals and the need to show off.

    we westerners are “freer” in Asia because we can have it our way more easily than back home.
    for the same reason. this is where “love” stops to be a “funny” matter. “love” in the first place is about fighting the odds together.
    mainstream always sucks, anywhere on earth.

  • Dan

    I really don’t know what some guys in here are talking about when they say Thai girls might be more sophisticated or have a higher self-esteem!

    You sound like a bunch of tourists to me who are still in the honey-moon stage with Thailand and get blinded by the deceptive ways of Thai people. I have lived in Thailand for four years and i had three serious relationships in here and a couple of flings. Then, about half a year ago, i met a pinay who lives and works in Bangkok and it was like nothing i ever experienced with any Thai girl (and please don’t think i dated any bar girls or whatsoever; i dated even girl in high positions with their own career).

    Suddenly it felt like being with a real person that i could relate to. No bullshit about appearance, saving face, public affection or weird cultural habits all the time. Now I have a gf that has a very sweet personality, great social skills, looks really attractive (yes, she is short, but apart from that is a very stunning)and who cooks for me and does a lot of work in the household.

    Most Thai girls who are in their 20s or early 30s seem to be so spoiled and driven be excessive consumerism that it is a real burden for their partners. i feel that they have nothing to give but sex.

    Whereas being with a philippina is like being with a real life-partner for me. Having met many of her pinay friends already i really got the impression that they are generally nicer people.

    I would not be afraid to introduce my pinay gf to my parents because i know that she would make a good impression and conduct herself well, but with thai girls that is sthg. different; if they have their bad days man…… the word antisocial does not even get close to it!

  • walter

    Thank you…but you are not addressing the question(s)
    Please let’s try again.

    1A) Where would a person of my description do better with normal regular women (not bar prostiutes) in Thai or Phill?

    If you say Pinas what cities would I seek these women and what would you guys do about not having a car in that particular citi.

    About the age difference I mentioned 33-46 yrs I seek/date the same women here and they are not even remotely poor its just a fact that as you get older men can date younger women than themselfs anywhere! Not babies but younger, in fact many women prefer it.

    2) if you say piney…were do you go in the Phillipines? What specific cities would you suggest…Makati,cebu? narrow it down,it’s a big country!

    2B)If you say thai were? Chiang may, bangkok, pohcket Where???

    • 1A) A middle aged guy will do much better in the Philippines, for a serious long-term relationship.

      1B) I can not advice on having a car. I take taxi all over the Makati city for about US $2-3.

      2) I personally prefer Makati, because of the higher standard of living and better quality educated women with a day job (i.e. not prostitutes). Look for women anywhere in the shopping malls in Makati in daytime or dinnertime before 9 pm, and you will be most happy with the results.

  • walter

    I’m moving shortly to south east asia and I have to pick between the two.

    Never been there so the question is:
    if I’m pushing 50,divorced, look like a blue eyed american,physically fit not bad looking at all and have more than a decent budget….

    In which of the two countries would I do better with women in general, in what country(s) would women be more receptive to someone like me??????? Pinas or Thai? Also let me know about Vietnamese women if they indeed are that good looking…

    (cause one thing is what you might prefer and another is which group would be more attracted to someone like you in general,and therefore you would have a better chance of success with nicer looking women)

    The age bracket that I seek I would imagine, would be about 33 yrs to 46 yrs old,frankly since I don’t know what’s more the probable success rate with someone my age/looks/situation…

    Cause I get the feeling that Thai is an easier place for me to adapt to (specially I won’t have a car there) and aparently crime is lower …

    But it would seem from your comments that pinas are prettier,nicer girls to have around but the phillipines without a car and the crime situation would be harder to adapt to unless I move to a specific small/safe place that it’s nice like Cebu… or you guys might have other suggestions.

    So which group of women would be more attracted to someone like me and what cities would you move to in each of the two counties???

    • Go to Thailand for party and play – go to Philippines for girlfriend or long term partner…

      The age issue is non-factor in the Philippines, but in Thailand it may be a factor with some girls. I am 59 years of age (and in good health) and my last long term Filipina girlfriend was 22 years old.

      Stick with the Western (modern and affluent) pockets of the city in Manila or Makati, and you will be safe and feel at home. As always when traveling, be careful with not displaying too much wealth.

  • WhiteDudeInAsia

    until we discuss the blatant age difference between your thai/pinay girls and the white dude eyeing her, it’s all a fancy self-abuse.
    these girls do what they do because of the financial prospect.
    (besides the softer white caucasian treats them like princesses)

    and it screws their prospect of finding a “normal” relationship.
    normal is lame and cheap.

    from what i have seen, too many Us dollar tourists in Philipines; most of them are sugar daddy suckers
    and thus make my love mojo fruitless..:)

    thai girls then.

  • david. griffin

    I want a thai!vietnam/filippeno bar girl any agr 4 gf I’m frm uk

  • WhiteDudeInAsia

    Thai or Filipina or whatever..the question is “who’s gonna give me warmth at night ?”
    asian poor (and beautiful) girls provide a faster answer to that question.
    but anyway sooner or later is is screwed….because of “leave it to the beaver” spreading worldwide.
    luckily, the demographics and economics here provide newer girls faster than they fade.
    those who can’t palate this just need to put a 20yo something Filipina in the middle of a white caucasian familly/friends reunion in a 1stworld country and see the atomic reaction that follows.

  • david. griffin

    I would like vietnam/thai bar girls Any age For facebook frnds for serious r/ship

  • Cocker

    The true is that Thail girls are more beautiful than Phil girls. However, phil girls are more accessible (it doesn’t mean bitches!, i meant they are friendlier than thai girls). Peace! 🙂

  • peter

    Comparing pinays with thai ladies is like comparing peaches and pears.
    Educated pinays have the advantage of good communication skills, but educated
    thais are more sophisticated and self assured. Much is to do with the different
    cultures. Thais are mostly Buddhist, and are honest in their dealings.

    Pinays are victims of the culture of the Philippines and many are disposed to lieing
    and cheating.

    Thailand is no longer a poor country and with good work prospects, thai ladies
    have disposable income and like to dress well. Conversely, Philippines is still
    the poor neighbour in south east asia; many have no work and this is reflected
    in their poor dress and low self esteem.

    this is a sad indictment of a country that has not advanced compared even with late
    arrivals such as Vietnam and Cambodia.

    It is my sincere hope that Philippines will now shrug off the culture which has for
    so long denied it its rightful place in the prosperity of the region, and when this
    happens I think pinay will really be the right choice

  • magic

    omg…thai vs pinay? which class are we discussing. call gal or working gals – the gal that not in the bars scene. after all, it’s all about do they really have a nutural love for us. if it is material love, i would rate them equal.

    pinay are romantic and good fakers. have strong outerior motives that will haunt you forever. pinay are aggressive and jealous that is beyond every man imagination.

    whereas the thai puyin, they have softer approach. they are sweet but not so romantic. they are shy and more conservative. language barrier is a problem. some common traits between thai puyin and pinay if they are from poor or bar scenes are u have to support and finance the whole family . the debts problem have never ending chapter. besides, they are professional liars.

    for the sex parts, i would prefer thai puyin over pinay. thai are more tender and romantic in bed. pinay are cowgal and raunchy style performer. they like it hard and rough. haha…

    my vote goes to thai puyin–just my personal preferences for my experiences with thai puyin for several years and pinay for almost two years

  • eurogal

    Does that mean that all thai women are fashionable but only a portion of the filipina girls?

  • $bluejeans$

    Hi there! I wasn’t awares that thai women are fashionable. ‘Coz from what i heard, thailand is really famous for sex change/transplant, in short for LADY BOYS. I wonder if the girls your dating from thailand are real ladies or just pretending to be ladies. Well, the only way to find out, is once you make them pregnant. LOL..

    Anyway, i totally disagree to some comments from here that women from Philippines are not fashionable, I’m a filipina and I am into fashion. Since I am into fashion, I know for a fact that Filipino designers has been invited and participated to TYRA BANKS famous show, America’s Next Top Model,like Micael Cinco. In addition, Monique Lhullier another filipina, who’s been famous for designing clothes for Hollywood celebrities.

    So, Thai who? are they really fashionable? Were they invited to this shows? or at least showcase their designs? Never heard.. tsk, tsk goingnuts4u surely was right when she said someone’s not being fair comparing thai’s and filipina’s.. Thailand has a better infrastructure than Philippines, but I don’t think that makes them a better country, I would agree if you say Singapore it is really the best country is asia or HK.. But thailand, stop dreaming, its not, they also experienced flood and tsunami LOL..

    • I have seen a quite a few Filipinas in Makati that are very fashionable and trendy – but many are not…

      I think the earlier comments are based upon general trends, rather then specific people like yourself. As an example, there is a very high divorce rate in USA, but it does not stop some people in USA from finding true love and living happily ever after…

      It is the same with fashionable people in Philippines; some are hot and some are not.

  • going_nuts4u

    Hi Dr. love.. i would love to. Writing is my hobby.

  • going_nuts4u

    Hi there! I’m half fil, half chi. In my own opinion, Filipino girls are not only more beautiful and smarter than thai girls but also better in so many ways.

    O’k I agree, there are some fil girls who are gold diggers but it doesn’t represent all women from our country. Because Gold diggers, are actually present in every side of the world, it just so happen that the media sensationalized Philippines too much when it comes to this concern.

    Why we are better,

    1. We speak, read & write English Fluently. Communication is so important, you can’t live forever together with someone like your having sign language problem. That would be horrible, maybe at first cute. but in the long run, Its HORRIBLE..

    2. Filipino women are more beautiful, physically. We are composed of mixed races, american, spanish, british, japanese, chinese, name it we have it. like my mom she’s so pretty, coz her dad is half fil half spanish my grandfather is from spain. Although we are shorter but not all are short. I am 5’5..

    3. Lets not talk about the 70’s But current events, who’s talent most appreciated or recognized by the world in asia? especially music? Its Filipinos..

    4. Most of the people are poor, but not all are poor. If you happen to meet a filipina who came from middle class family, you will be surprise that they are not greedy, very hospitable, helpful and will not ask anything from you. Especially if the girl is from a chinese family, you will be surprise how generous filipino chinese are. That you wouldn’t believe what they can do for you.

    I have nothing against thai people i just think that its not fair for some to compare us with them without doing their research well. It’ ok to compare, because we are competitive and never afraid of competition just make sure, its a fair comparison and based on complete facts.

    • Excellent reply! I enjoyed reading it.

      (Let me know if you want to try quest blogging on our site.)

      • Phil

        I also really appreciated what going_nuts4u had to say, particularly her comments regarding communication. I just got back to the U.S.
        yesterday from another one month stay in the Philippines. After years of visiting Thailand I am now glad I switched my focus to P.I.. Found my “dream girl” and bought a little house near the beach “in the provinces” near Ilo Ilo. I am SO happy with my new little family there! I’ll be living there with them very soon. Very friendly place and also VERY affordable.

  • Jimbo

    In the Philippines there is NO truth, NO honesty at all. It’s as much a part of them as breathing, lying is.

    In Thailand, at least the people (most) have some sort of consciousness to them. It’s not their intent to every day wake up to lie as it is to Pilipinos.

    Pilipinos will reply to this as NOT TRUE…Of course they will cz they don’t even know truth. You can live in The RP if you choose, where everyone is packing heat and would choose to lie than eat-OR You can live in a country with respectable (mostly) people who choose to work and try and be honest in their dealings.

    • Peter

      Sorry what you write there is barely rubbish.

      Filipino people are much more open, friendly and honest towards white foreigners because their way of thinking is very much similar to they way Caucasian people think. Certainly one of the reasons is that they are Christians. Thai people have a different culture and also because of the language barrier try to take advantage of foreigners.

      If there would be a disagreement among a Filipino and a foreigner the Filipino people are standing by would siding the person who is right and if this is the foreigner he or she would get the support.

      In Thailand foreigners are always at the loosing end because it does not matter whether you are right or wrong, Thai people will be always siding Thais no matter whether the Thai person did wrong to the farang.Period.

      • Peter, I tend to agree with your about Thailand people.

        However, the Filipino people may speak English, but their thinking is still more Asian than American. In a conflict they will either shut-up (even if they do not agree), refer the problem to a superior, or say YES just to not offend anyone.

        I have lived in both Philippines and Thailand for years, and have seen many things…

  • Well, it’s very simple: filipina girls are millions time more INTERESTING and smarter than Thai girls, period. BUT living in the Philippines is NOT an option, is hell: poor infrastructure,expensive, and the WORST food in the world.


    • I agree 100%…

      I am also hoping to find a Filipina that I can live with in Thailand.

      • Paul

        I would also like to bring my Filipino gf to live in Thailand.

        Although it may be like bringing wood into the forest I truly think this is the best of both worlds. Was wondering if other people had done this & what there experience was, not much info on the net regarding this.

        In my opinion Thailand is probably the best place in the world to live, great balance of east and west. I love there Buddhist culture & have allot of respect for them, so refreshing from the bullshit here in America. However there Buddhist value of non attachment vs the Christian “death to us part” line of thinking may pose a future problem for the westerner building a house in Issan with his wife’s name on it.

        Cambodia may be a future option, 1 year visa for under $300 & can work, speak English, cheaper (I think) & I probably would not feel like I’m missing out on the Thai experience as much.

        I may start a blog on this topic if there is not one out already. In love with Thailand & a Filipino girl. Traveling back to Asia next month to make something happen.

  • SmilesThai

    Ahmm,Seems…western guys want just the best for them.If you have a good country ..It’s not important for looking another country girls.I’m a Thai girl who feeling bad with some comment that’s think Thai just have good physical.And you just compare with Thai and Philippine girls.It’s not important more you met a best one for you.

    So,I accepted all most Thai people can not speak English.But some in center city can speak English.For Thai people feeling English important just for work.If someone can not speak English it’s OK,And we proud to speak Thai.IF you want to know Thai girls why you not try to learn speak Thai language too.So,if have some foreigner can speak Thai language..we feeling good with and so think they want know Thai real.
    Many Thais like to help people and feeling not dangerous cuz Thai people feeling that the good choice for make another ppl feeling happy and detail of us religious ( and all most Thais are Buddhist)teach in school,temple and family too.So,In Thai all most like smiles.we will feeling good with you if you respect us.

    So,I’m not believe you have a good country more than us.

    Just we are don’t used English for the first language,It’s not make us feeling we have problems.
    We are proud of country.Cuz my country never to be colony.And Thailand have everything and be safe!.

    **Can not speak English it’s not mean you will better! *O*

  • christel

    Hi everyone! The topic is so interesting to me especially that this is about my country Philippines.

    I believe, that we portray Philippines as a poor country for the reason of so many heaps of street childrens, slums and etc. I am just so blessed that I grew up in a well educated and a financially stable family in the Philippines.

    Being a well travelled person as I study and work in Australia and Dubai. I met a lot of filipinas and other people from different parts of the world. I gained some few filipina friends and thai friends. I must say we should not judge people by nationalities as we dont have the right to judge others.

    As long as people are nice to us and completely genuine then we should show some respect. The way we judge people only shows what values we’ve got.

    Lets just enjoy life cheers!

  • K

    Firstly, no one wins by comparing Women–because all have very different individual characters depending on their background—even more so to compare Women’s races.

    I live in Thailand and I am a Filipina. Fortunately educated with a very good degree–both from my parents hardworking and mine.

    The Thai women in Bangkok are all to me incredibly beautiful–in a fashion sense–really fashionable and trendy.

    Filipina women are beautiful to me too because of the simplicity and lack of that sometimes–whichever not too high maintenance. but all this does not in any way show whether one is better than the other. There are many educated smart Filipinas out there, same as the THAI. Please let’s all remember, that just because women have many windy domestic qualities, does not mean they are not intelligent or educated or would not want to learn or do anything else but be wives. Most of them just want and only envision a quiet simple family life.

    Thai women and I have friends-are very competitive–to me I find that in very good way. in the end, you fall I love because you fall in live not because you decided Thais of Filipinas are better than the other. Just like you would find an Englishwoman who would prefer to marry a stable hopefully wealthy man–it’s the same in Asia and its human nature–but don’t dump it all on the Asian women as if it doesn’t happen in your countries.

    • Very good post.

      I agree that most Thai women really know how to dress up and use make-up – but are perhaps more high maintenance. I also think that Filipinas are more down-to-earth and speak better English.

      Of course you can not predict where you will find love, but I admit it is hard to decide what country you want to live in.

  • D

    In response to this woman Lulu’s comment.

    Every culture in asia out side of China has been ruled by foriegn powers that have left their influence on that countries (culture). I find a person who anonomously calls men losers because they cannot afford a maid, or blankets people as being all the same from one culture is a very narrow minded racist person, who are so hung up on their own insecurities that they have to slander other cultures. Every person has their own personality, their own good qualities and bad traits. I feel so sad for you that your so small minded that you look at a person and see them as dirty or low class based on their nationality, Or as a loser based on their financial status, It is just pure hate that doesn’t allow you to see and judge people for who they are as a person and what is in their heart.

    I have had the good fortune of travelling throughout Asia, Japan, Hong Kong, Tiawan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Malaysia. They all have such uniqueness to each of they’re cultures. When I was in the Philippines I found in Manila I had to be carefull as there were those out there that will cheat you if they can, but I had the same experiences in Thailand and was also mugged in Thailand. But travelling in rural area’s of the Philippines I could not believe the hospitality of these people, even though very poor.

    In short I have seen bad people in every culture, and so many good people. But I am glad I do not know you in person because I do not like bad people.

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